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10 Best Types of Flooring for Dance Studio

Are you wondering what type of floor is best for dance studio? If YES, here are 10 best flooring for dance studio. If you are looking towards setting up a dance studio, then part of what will make the studio complete is a dance floor.

The truth is that as an entrepreneur who is looking towards opening a dance studio, it is very important to find the perfect dance studio flooring that meets both the performance needs of the dancers as well as conforms to the safety requirements.

Trust me, if you make a wrong decision with the choice of dance studio floor, it can not only result in disgruntled customers but also damage the reputation of your dance studio.

Having said that, considering the number of options on the market, shopping for the best floor for your dance studio can be challenging and time-consuming. In no particular order, here are 10 of the best floors for a dance studio that you can get today.

Best Flooring for Dance Studio

  1. IncStores 12″ x 12″ Practice Dance Tiles

Practice Dance Tiles are the perfect dance flooring solution for any young, aspiring dancer. These tiles can easily be set up in the home and you can purchase tile by tile, expanding to create the exact dance floor space that you need.

Our Practice Dance Floor Tiles are durable, and can even be used as event flooring where many people will be standing or dance on them at a time. Whether you are setting up a small practice dance area in your basement or putting together a portable temporary dance floor for events, you are sure to love these durable tiles.

These Practice Dance Tiles are used to practice multiple dance styles, like a tap, ballet, flamenco, and more. These modular tiles are easy to set up and take down, making them easily portable and perfect for use as temporary flooring at events such as weddings, parties, and other events where a temporary dance flooring is needed.

  1. Soozier Portable Dance Floor Tiles

Soozier portable dance floor is no doubt one of the best dance floors for the money and they are designed for any level and style of dance such as tap and ballet and are perfect when used as a lightweight and portable flooring surface for dancing, displaying, and more.

Soozier’ floor tiles feature a water-resistant and wear-resistant surface that is easy to clean and maintain so it will look great for years to come.

One good quality about Soozier portable dance floor is that the tiles are super simple to install, are scuff- and -slip-resistant, are easy to clean, and support a large weight capacity. Here are some features that make Soozier portable dance floor amongst the best;

  • Complete 3.5′ x 3.5′ kit includes 4 interlocking mats and edging
  • Lightweight and portable design weighs only 20 pounds
  • Easy to clean and maintain water-and wear-resistant surface
  • Interlocking tiles snap into place without the use of tools
  • Perfect for tap and ballet dancing and trade show booths
  1. SnapFloors 3X3DKOAKFLOOR Modular Dance Floor

SnapFloors 3X3DKOAKFLOOR Modular Dance Floor is yet another best dance floor that anyone who intends opening a dance studio should consider. The perfect portable dance floor to practice your dance moves and deliver the all-important “sound” making music for any tap dancer.

Your 3′ x 3′ SnapFloors dance floor is easy to assemble, with no tools required. One good quality of SnapFloors 3X3DKOAKFLOOR Modular Dance Floor is that it is easy to clean and install, with no tools required. Panels simply “snap” into place and are 100% waterproof – perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  1. dot2dance, Genuine Brand, Authentic Marley Portable Dance Floor

GENUINE BRAND dot2dance Portable Dance Floor is Handcrafted in the U.S.A. with exceptional quality and engineered with meticulous detail to increasing safety for the user while protecting the surface it is used on.

Available in 4 sizes and 2 Colors, dot2dance is specially engineered to be Lightweight and Portable and not only ideal for home use but traveling with dot2dance is convenient & classy. Dot2dance can be used both Inside and Outside and is perfect to help facilitate social distancing or even distance dancing.

  1. VEVOR Dance Floor

Another dance studio floor that is considered amongst the best is VEVOR Dance Floor. This high-quality dance floor roll is manufactured from wearproof, non-slip, and lightweight PVC material, providing dancers with the durability they need.

This 6.6 x 49.2 ft roll provides 324.7 square feet of coverage to give you plenty of space to practice. The dance flooring is easy to clean and maintain. This practice dance floor works well for a variety of types of dances that involve a soft shoe or bare feet, including ballet, jazz, hip hop, and modern dance.

  1. SnapFloors 3X3 Modular Dance Floor

SnapFloors 3X3 Modular Dance Floor is yet another good floor for a dance studio that is worth buying. This perfect portable dance floor is excellent when it comes to practicing your dance moves. Your 3′ x 3′ SnapFloors dance floor is easy to assemble, with no tools required.

Good enough, SnapFloors 3X3 Modular Dance Floor is lightweight and portable. Only 18 lbs. per 3′ x 3′ Dance floor panel. Easy to clean and install, no tools required. Panels simply “snap” into place and are 100% waterproof – perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

  1. Artan Balance Dance Floor 

If you looking for one of the best balance dance floors for your studio, then you should consider Artan Balance Dance Floor. This 6’ x 3’ dance flooring is 1.3mm thick and makes the perfect stage for practicing dance, ballet, jazz, or tap routines anywhere.

The flat, smooth, heavy-duty vinyl surface supports all types of movements. Artan Balance ballet dance floors can be laid out and used for quick events such as professional troupes, theatrical performances, touring dance companies, or even as a wedding dance floor.

Good enough, this dance flooring covers up to 18 sq. ft. rolled out for more convenience in tight areas. You can quickly tape it down for temporary or semi-permanent use, or join multiple sections together for a larger dance floor space large coverage area.

  1. Adagio Greatmats Rosco Marley Studio Dance Floor

Another best studio dance floor for the money that you should consider is Adagio Greatmats Rosco Marley Studio Dance Floor. This dance studio flooring is made using a manufacturing process that provides a wider, more durable floor that will not delaminate

Adagio Greatmats Rosco Marley Studio Dance Floor is ideal for Tap, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Irish and Flamenco dancing. This all-purpose vinyl flooring is economical, durable, and versatile. Adagio Marley dance floor can be installed temporarily with tape or permanently with glue and can be installed directly over hardwood.

Adagio Greatmats Rosco Marley Studio Dance Floor comes with a non-absorbent, non-skid surface that provides tap and ballet dancers the controlled slip they need.

  1. SnapLock Cedar 3′ x 3′ Portable Dance and Event Floor

The Cedar Style Dance Floor is a timeless portable dance floor with a continuous wood pattern and an easy to maintain, industrial grade top.

This floor is suitable for heavy traffic indoors and outdoors. The 3’ x 3’ tiles can easily be attached to each other using the same ‘snap’ together technology that attaches the edging, allowing you to create any size floor you need. The Cedar Style Dance Floor is great for personal practice dance floors as well as professional performance floors.

The Cedar Style Dance Floor is built on a polypropylene base that is designed for high durability and strength. The durability allows the floor to withstand being disassembled and reassembled repeatedly, giving you the freedom to take it where ever you go!

On top of the polypropylene base is attached a cedar vinyl sheet that gives the supportive surface that dancers need. While originally designed for dance, this floor has been utilized for a variety of different purposes including an outdoor dance floor, an aerobic floor, a Zumba floor as well as a portable party dance floor.

  1. Swisstrax Interlocking Dance Floor

Swisstrax Interlocking Dance Floor is no doubt one of the best dance floors for dance studios. Swisstrax Interlocking Dance Floor is a perfect dance floor for weddings, special occasions, corporate events, and more! Easily enhance a showroom or an office space or create an enticing display for a trade show booth!

The tiles will interlock over most even surfaces; however, we highly recommend putting the tiles on a flat and non-cushioned surface for best performance.

Interestingly, this Vinyltrax collection features patterns and colors that can compliment any preference or aesthetic requirement. With multiple “Hardwood” grains, sections, pads, and kits to choose from, Swisstrax interlocking commercial grade vinyl solution is unlike any other product on the market