Are you a student or proprietor looking to raise funds for your school? If YES, here are 10 best feasible small business ideas for a school project in 2020.

There are several ways available to entrepreneurs to make money irrespective of where they find themselves. The truth is that anybody that has an entrepreneurial spirit is bound to look for business opportunities around them and then take advantage of such occasion to make more money for themselves and their family.

If you are a proprietor or proprietress of a school and are interested in making money, then one of the ways to do it without going out of your way or even spending your time and money is to engage your students.

In engaging your students, you would be able to help them learn practical steps on how to create solutions in the environment and also have a firsthand experience on how to make money from selling a product or delivering service to people in the community.

The basic thing to do to get your students to make money for the school is to engage them in a project that will guarantee that they get buyers for their end products or the service they deliver. This could be part of their final year project or part of their field jobs or even their term papers.

The bottom line is that, your students must be aware that the aim is to make money for the school – the school project! Let us quickly consider 10 profitable business ideas for a school project;

10 Feasible Small Business ideas for a School Project in 2020

1. Fries and Snacks

If you run a school that has students studying any course or subject that is related to catering or food science, one of the projects that you could possibly engage them in that can bring in money into the school coffers would be that they setup a stand in a busy part of town to produce fries and snacks.

This could be during their practical session class or a time set aside by the school board for students to showcase what they’ve learnt for a period of time. The likelihood of this idea being successful is very high, especially if adequate hype and publicity is created around it.

2. Poultry Farm Project

Another profitable idea for a school project is to engage students who are studying Agriculture related courses. They can setup a standard poultry farm as a project. The bottom line is to ensure that the poultry farm accommodates varieties of birds and also a standard hatchery. This kind of project can be expensive hence they can access funding from the school authority or any other relevant institution.

The truth is that once the poultry is fully functional, people from outside can be invited to purchase chickens and eggs from the school’s poultry farm. The school management should ensure that their prices are lower than what is obtainable outside and they will make great sales and profits off this project.

3. Crops Cultivation Project

Another profitable Agriculture related highly profitable business project that a school can start is to engage the students in crops cultivation. This type of project involves assigning farm lands to students and then providing them with seeds of the crops you want them to cultivate. Farm implements and also fertilizers are stuff you can equip them with.

For example; if a student’s project is to cultivate vegetables, once the vegetables are due for harvest, they can invite vegetables dealers to come to the school to purchase their vegetables at a reduced price. This is one of the ways of making money for the school via student’s projects.

4. Juice Making Project

Juice making project is ideal for students who are studying Food Science and Technology. As a way of preparing your students for the business world, you would have to assign groups of students to produce various types of fruit juice. Of course, this can only be done once they’ve been trained to do so.

Part of what you should emphasize on aside from quality control is for them to come up with good packing for the product. Once they are able to produce quality fruit juice, you can organize an exhibition where people within the school community can be invited to see what you students have on display and to purchase.

5. Bakery Project-: Bakery project is yet another way of making money in your school. The truth is that students can start a standard bakery that can serve people in and around their school community.

6. Furniture Making Project

Students who are studying wood works or any furniture related course should be made to produce furniture that can be sold. It is another way of making money for the school. The bottom line is that is their finishing is great; they won’t struggle to make sales.

7. Art and Crafts Project-: Arts and crafts project is ideal for students studying various art and crafts related courses. Once your students are able to produce quality painting, sculpture or handmade crafts, such can be sold in and around the school community.

8. Graphics and Video Editing Project

Another art related projects that you can engage your students in is to advertise for people to bring their graphics and video editing jobs to the school studio and they will get it done at a rock bottom low price. The truth is that is your students are pretty good; the project can be self sustaining.

9. Chemical Production Project

Students studying chemical engineering should be made to produce chemicals that can be sold in an around the school communities as part of their projects. Chemicals like pesticides, bleach, and paints et al. The truth is that if their product is well branded and packaged it can compete for market share in their community.

10. Fish Pond Project-: Another agric related project that can be given to students to do in a school in a bid to raise money is starting a fish pond. The school authority should provide space for students to build their ponds.

There you have it; the 10 business ideas for a school project.

Ajaero Tony Martins