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Be a Makeup Artist – Educational Requirement / Certification

Do you want to be a makeup artist? If YES, here’s the educational requirement / certification to become a makeup artist in United States, U.K, Canada, Australia.

Having carefully considered the following:

  1. Definition
  2. Makeup Artist Job Description
  3. How Much Do Makeup Artist Make?
  4. Benefits of Being a Makeup Artist
  5. Facts, Figures, Labor Market Situation
  6. Tools of the Trade
  7. Educational Requirements
  8. Professional Bodies and Associations
  9. Career ideas for Makeup Artists
  10. Skills and Traits You Need to Succeed

I will now highlight the educational requirements needed to become a makeup artist and obtain the necessary certification, so that you will know what to expect while pursuing a career as a makeup artist.

Educational Requirement Needed to Become a Professional Makeup Artist

Other than a high school diploma, official education requirements don’t exist for make-up artists. However, many professionals do complete some type of training program.

  • Cosmetology programs are offered at many vocational colleges and can teach students a broad range of beauty knowledge. An associate’s degree program in cosmetology can include classes in make-up application, as well as skin care, haircutting and styling, nail care, sanitation and salon management.
  • If a make-up artist decides to also work as a cosmetologist, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that he or she must receive licensure by completing an approved cosmetology program, passing a licensing exam and seeking continuing education (
  • Since professional make-up artists often work in the movie, TV or theater industries, some theater production bachelor’s degree programs allow students to choose a make-up concentration where they can learn skills like basic make-up application, special effects make-up and remedial make-up. Students may also have opportunities to practice their skills during school or community productions.

Are Certifications Required to Practice as a Makeup Artist?

Like other professionals, becoming a makeup artist requires some certifications which are essential and must be met before a person can be allowed to go into practice. This varies, based on countries and states. There is actually no official course to become a makeup artist.

But you can attend a cosmetology course to earn a certification as an aesthetician. If you aspire to become makeup artist you need to engage in freelance work to gain experience. Further license and certifications are not needed to become a makeup artist.

Esthetician associate’s degree programs also teach students make-up skills. Those who enroll in this program can study to become general skin care professionals. Classes typically include make-up application, facial and tweezing services, skin care treatments and salon business. Most skin care professionals must also pass their state’s licensing exam before beginning work, reported the BLS.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Makeup Artist?

Makeup artist training programs vary in length. One course may take several weeks to complete, and a whole program can take several months. If your state requires you to obtain a full cosmetologist license, it could take a year or more to complete the required training program. So the duration of becoming a makeup artist depends on your state requirement and the type of course you apply for.

Can You Become a Makeup Artiste by Taking Online Courses?

It has been emphasized earlier at the beginning of this article, the impact of technology on makeup artists. Many online courses are available online that you can take to become a makeup artist. There are video tutorials available online organized by beauty school, there are also makeup applications that can be used for training an individual in the comfort of their bedrooms.