Do you want to know what professional makeup artists earn monthly? If YES, here is how much money makeup artists make in United States, U.K, Canada, Australia.

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I will now highlight the average monthly earnings of a makeup artist, so that you will know what to expect while pursuing a career as a makeup artist.

How Much Do Professional Makeup Artists Earn Monthly/Annually?

Makeup artist are one of the top earners in the entertainment, bridal, and beautification industry. Their level of income is a factor of their pedigree, experience, and network, many makeup artists such as Bobbi Brown, Jürgen Braun, Suzy Gerstein, Lisa Eldridge, and lots more have made plenty of money, and some have even become very well-known and celebrities in their own rights.

If you get to work on the makeup team for a fashion show, television show, or for celebrity clients you’ll be able to charge more, and will also have the opportunity to join an agency that will regularly book you works. A makeup artist’s wages vary based on her location and type of employment. Below is an analysis of the incomes of makeup artist in the four countries;

In the united states

  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10 percent of makeup artists earned at least $120,050 per year, while the bottom 10 percent made $20,490 or less.
  • The middle 50 percent earned annual wages of between $27,740 and $88,550. Makeup artists tend to work in regions with a concentration of entertainment production companies, such as New York and California.
  • New York-based makeup artists were the most highly compensated in the country, with average annual wages of $93,390 as of May 2015, according to the Bureau.
  • Makeup artists who worked in California earned $73,240 per year. Texas-based makeup artists earned average wages of $42,650 per year.

In Australia

  • In Australia, the average salary for makeup artist is between AU$29,315 – AU$106,950. The 10thpercentile of makeup artists in Australia takes home around AU$29,000, the 50th percentile collects around AU$53,000, the 75th percentile takes home around AU$53,000 and the 90th percentile collects around AU$110,000.
  • The average hourly rate for makeup artist in Australia is between AU$15.00 – AU$51.39. The average hourly bonus is between AU$9.83 – AU$60.41 with top bonus of AU$1,500 and annual commission of AU$3,600.

In the united kingdom

  • Newly-qualified workers in fashion and editorial will earn about £100 a day for assisting on a shoot, but may have to work for nothing when starting out.
  • A senior make-up artist on an advertising shoot can earn £500 per day. Top make-up artists can earn about £3,000 a day designing make-up for fashion shows. Agencies arrange such jobs but charge the artist up to 20% commission.
  • Film work can pay from £500 to £800 a week. Theatrical work, which can range from face make-up to wig care, pays about the same depending on the job. Work in a London salon pays about £1,000 to £1,200 a month.

In Canada

  • A makeup artist receives an average of C$22,027 – C$65,746 per annum.  The median salary of makeup artists in Canada is around C$31, 545. The 1othpercentile of all makeup artists in Australia collects around C$22,000, the 75th percentile takes home around C$37,000 and the 90th percentile takes home around C$66,000.
  • The national average hourly rate for makeup artist in Canada is between ranges of C$10.26 – C$33.35. A makeup artist with a working experience of between 1-4 years takes home C$10.01 – C$30.91 while one who practices for 5-9 years collects C$13.23 – C$32.55 per hour.