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10 Best Business Investment Opportunities in Minnesota

Are you searching for small business opportunities in Minnesota, United States? Are you considering starting a business in Minnesota but you simply lack ideas on what business to start? If YES, then I advice you read on as this article will help solve this problem.

Are you a resident of Minnesota searching for a credible business opportunity to fly with? Then you have come to the right place. Minnesota has a lot of business opportunities that you can choose from and to make things a little bit easier for you, we have selected ten of the very best which you can now select from. They include-:

Top 10 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Minnesota

1. Recycling Pick-up

Waste business is good business and one thing that make it good business is that it is not the kind of business that people would be quick to choose. It involves a whole lot of dirty work which most people would prefer to run away from but the few who are wise enough to select this kind of business, rake in thousands of dollars monthly.

Recycling pick-up involves looking for recyclable materials which are usually in high demand by production companies. Popular recycling materials include paper, plastic bottles, old batteries and lots more. What you have to do is to get a couple of recycling bins and place them in residential or commercial areas where you are certain that people would have such materials to throw away.

Encourage them to drop those items in the recycle bin instead and then visit the place regularly to collect the trashed items. Sometimes, you may have to purchase these waste materials from people who have them for sale but whichever way you decide to go about it, you still stand to make a lot of profit from buying and reselling recyclable materials.

2. Business Developer/Consultant

You would agree with me that these days, a lot of people are buying into the idea of starting their own businesses. People want to be financially independent and make their own money how they see fit.

But unfortunately, not everyone has the skills or experience to do business. A lot of people would usually require someone to hold their hands and show them the way; they would need business mentors and advisers especially if they have never successfully managed a business before.

I have had a lot of people who were willing to pay me good money per month just to act as a business consultant for their business. Trust me, there are a lot of people in Minnesota looking for such services too and wouldn’t mind paying good money for it too. But remember, to be a business consultant, you have to possess the skills and knowledge for it.

3. Online Training School

This is now a common trend on the internet and people are really making money from it. Just recently, i paid $500 for a certain internet course. Now imagine that about 10 people registered for the same course, which would mean that the course facilitator made $5,000 in two weeks doing nothing.

Yes, I said doing nothing because the courses must have been prepared a long time ago considering the fact that we were not the first set of people to take the course; all he had to do was send the daily lessons and make himself available at an agreed time for questions and answers.

You can adopt this model too and look for something you are really good at that you can teach other people too. Trust me, people love to acquire knowledge and in no time, you would be smiling to the bank.

4. Franchising

Normally, I would say ‘this franchise’ or ‘that franchise’ but today, I have decided to put all franchising opportunities under the same umbrella. Why? Because there are lots of franchising opportunities in Minnesota. From fast food franchise, to car wash, coffee shop and even cleaning services, there are lot of franchising opportunities you can look into and of course, make money from.

5. Mail Order Business

You can also consider a mail order type of business. This is especially good for stay at home parents or students or for people who need an extra source of income. Just look for an item that people would love; items like clothes, shoes and electronics are brilliant ideas.

Take very good pictures of your products and send it in a mail with brilliant descriptions to go with it. Include shipping details and prices and also include your contact details and watch people place order for them. As long as your products are of attractive prices and good quality and you deliver on time, you would find this type of business very lucrative.

6. Juice bar

It’s no news that people are now learning to cut out soda and fizzy drinks out of their diets. For good health and longevity, a lot of prefer freshly squeezed fruit juice over some other kinds of processed and bottled drinks. As a smart investor, you can cash in on this easy-to-start and cheap business to make money for yourself.

7. Fashion Boutique

I always say ‘everybody wears clothes’. That’s my phrase for encouraging people to go into clothing and fashion business. Clothes are not a luxury, they are a necessity and as long as you give people the good stuffs they want at the right prices, you won’t have problems making money with this type of business.

8. Tattoo and Tattoo Removal Services

Well, some got tattoos long time ago and no longer feel it’s a good idea. Such people are looking for ways to get rid of those tattoos and for some people; they still feel they need more tattoos. That’s two categories of people that you can provide your services to and earn money from.

9. Sporting Club

People love to hang in places where they can find people of like mind that they can discuss issues with especially sports. You can start a club that is sports-themed with different sections for fans of different sports clubs and teams. This is a fun idea that you can make money from in Minnesota.

10. Vintage Furniture

Well, it’s not only vintage clothes that are getting the whole attention; vintage furniture are also in. You can make a lot of money just from sourcing for, buying and reselling classic vintage furniture to vintage lovers.