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Do You Need a License to Read Tarot Cards?

Do you want to know if you need a license to read tarot cards? If YES, here is everything you need to know about tarot card licenses and certifications. Putting aside the pleasant demeanor, expert tarot readers are expected to be fluent and experienced in the interpretation of the Tarot and be able to complete readings without consulting any kind of book.

When it comes to Tarot licensing or certification, it is precisely the recognition that an individual has undertaken the necessary study to read the Tarot, and that they have also met a certain standard for being able to interpret Tarot cards.

Do You Need a License to Read Tarot Cards?

The answer is No. You don’t have to be licensed or certified to be a good or legal Tarot reader in the United States. However, if you invest in enhancing your Tarot reading skills and acquire industry certificates and licenses, it proves to your clients that you are an expert in the field.

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Some tarot readers work exclusively online, while others have their own shop front. Some set up booths at festivals, fairs, and private parties, while more are beginning to do readings live using Skype or on the phone. Unlike other product and even service-based businesses, a tarot reading business relies heavily upon the charisma of the reader.

Note that most people choose Tarot licensing or certification because they want the confirmation that they have the skills required to deliver a Tarot reading, and they actually know what they’re doing. These very few individuals want to be part of a full Tarot training and certification program so that they know they’ve covered all the bases.

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They also want the increased credibility and visibility that comes with licensing and certification; especially if they go on to become professional Tarot readers. However, no law or rule enforces licenses and certifications on tarot readers in the United States, but acquiring them breeds confidence and counts as an achievement in the industry.

How to Get your Tarot License and Certification

To obtain Tarot licenses and certification, you may have to submit a written exam or a practice reading. Other Tarot certifications may be more in-depth, requiring that you complete a comprehensive training program, including in-person readings. Perhaps you’ll need to pass a number of quizzes or log a certain number of hours of reading. Tarot certifications and licenses are mostly designed to give Tarot readers more credibility as a Tarot reader, both professionally and also personally. It’s a huge confidence boost especially when they need that extra validation.

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Advantages of Seeking Tarot Reading Certifications or Licenses

There are so many reasons to become certified as a Tarot reader. Below are a few to have in mind:

1. More Knowledge

Like most people who seek certification and licenses, the aim is to have the educational base that gives you the confidence to read Tarot. A certification program, if it’s a good one, will help you comprehend the fundamentals, including card meanings and complex interpretations. Indeed you may probably find some free Tarot lessons online and piece together how to read the Tarot cards, but the quality of these lessons differs, and who knows if you’re learning the right stuff or not.

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2. Learning From The Best

It also offers the opportunity to learn from Tarot readers who you respect and resonate with, and who have decades of experience in reading and teaching Tarot. This may also mean getting certified through a trusted and well-known Tarot company. Plus, the credibility of the company or individual goes hand in hand with the credibility of your certification.

3. Getting Personal Validation

Most Tarot readers learned the art and skill on their own. Acquiring a license and good certification offers you personal validation. With learning this art on your own, there can often be self-doubt and worry that plays in the background. A complete training and certification program can give you an extra boost of confidence in your Tarot practice.

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4. Builds Credibility

Lawyers, doctors, psychologists, and even hypnotherapists, all need to have some form of certification. Note that these qualifications bring peace of mind to patients and legitimacy to their practice. Although the Tarot industry doesn’t require you to have certification or licenses to practice, having evidence of your commitment and dedication to your practice goes a long way with your clients and instantly establishes credibility.

5. Enhances Your Client List

For individuals who have gone beyond just reading Tarot Cards for friends, having a certification or an industry-approved license can be a big selling point. If you’re a hiring manager for a company, candidates with experience at well-known companies or prestigious universities automatically have an edge on the competition. Tarot Certification is validation that you’ve put in the work and has received approval from a highly reputable program.

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Pitfalls of Seeking Tarot Reading Certification or Licenses

Without a doubt, there can be some downsides to certification. But luckily, there are ways to avoid them.

1. The Book Versus Intuition

When seeking a tarot reading certificate or license, you have to ensure that your certification program makes an acknowledgment between book meanings and intuitive meanings. For instance, if you feel that the Three of Cups signifies online dating, but no one can find that interpretation in the book, will you be penalized? Find a program that leaves room for creativity.

2. Personal Style

Note that every Tarot reader has their own method for reading Tarot cards, which is why you need to be sure that any certification program you seek respects yours. In a Tarot reading, some readers are going to have different coaching styles and some will use predictive language. Does your preferred program respect all styles of reading?

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3. Fake And Cheap Programs

Indeed, you could spend $200 to have someone formulate a certificate or license for you, without having to go through rigorous training. But is that really what you want? Always be sure of the value provided by any program or license you are seeking. If it’s a six-hour course with a multiple choice exam at the end, it’s probably not what you’re looking for.


Although it is not mandatory, there are a number of different Tarot Reading certifications and licensing programs available in the United States. However, when looking to get licensed, find an organization that is reputable and well-known in the Tarot space.

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Or find a teacher who you resonate with, who nurtures different styles of reading, and who will support your growth as a Tarot reader. Ensure you go for a program that offers an end-to-end experience, with comprehensive training and development, opportunities to practice reading Tarot in a safe learning environment, and a robust certification process.