If you are a good Christian or Muslim, then you would know that there are dos and don’ts when it comes to the kind of businesses to engage in. This is to a large extent because of the fact that the relationship one has with God might be dented when one does some types of businesses.

This doesn’t mean that some folks do not damn the consequences and go ahead in doing some of these businesses. They do this because they think engaging in these businesses does not affect their relationship with God. However, in the real sense it does. One has got to stay clean with the type of business one does, especially when you profess to be a true Christian or Muslim.

If you are a good Christian or Muslim and you do not know what type of business may hamper your spiritual growth, then you may want to consider not dabbling into any of the businesses that would be mentioned in this article. If you are ready to know what these businesses are, then here goes.

20 Businesses Good Christians / Muslims Must Not Invest In

1. Drinking Bar Business

As a good Christian / Muslim you shouldn’t dabble into owning a drinking bar. This is because of the huge volume of alcohol that may be consumed there. Also, you would have to accommodate smoking and in some cases strippers which might hamper your relationship with God.

2. Strippers Club

This is a no-no. This is because of the level of immorality that may be committed by strippers and those who come for the strippers. This type of business to a great extent hampers further spiritual growth.

3. Brewery/ Brewpub-: When you profess to be a good Christian, then having a brewing pub or related business might do you more harm than good. Hence, it is best that you steer clear such ventures.

4. Casino/gambling House-: Gambling to a very large extent is prohibited in the bible. Therefore, a true Christian has no business in this venture at all.

5. Betting Club-: Betting business is one of the businesses that you must not engage in. This is because of the nature of deals that are being done at this club. It does discourage further walk with God.

6. Tattoo Shop

As a good Christian it becomes important that you know that tattoo business is not a good one. This is because of the weird reasons most people have tattoos and some of the weird places the tattoos are placed.

7. Cigar Lounge

Much more than the fact that cigarette is dangerous to human health, the Christian faith prohibits such. This is because of the effect it leaves and the immorality that may be committed thereafter.

8. Crack Business-: You do not have any business with selling crack. Whether it is legal or illegal it does more harm to your Christian faith than good.

9. Internet Fraud-: It is highly unacceptable in the sight of God that you engage in internet fraud as a good Christian / Muslim. This activity does not in any way draw you closer to God. Rather you are far away.

10. Hotel for Sex Workers-: If you have the intention to start a business for sex workers then you may on the wrong path as a Christian / Muslim. When you do this kind of business, then you automatically lose your stance with God.

11. Adult Toys Shop

As a good Christian when you go into the business of selling adult toys, you help increase the level of immorality especially amongst the single folks. Therefore you have got to desist from this if you have the intention.

12. Video Vixen Business

In recent times music video vixens have continued to spring up. This is one very wrong business that a good Christian / Muslim shouldn’t engage in. This is because it in no way depicts one’s true identity in God

13. Illegal Arms Business

If you have not been licensed to sell arms, and you go ahead to start the business, then you are doing the wrong thing as a Christian / Muslim. This is because when you do this,. You risk selling your arms to armed robbers, and miscreants.

14. Pornography Dating Sites

A good Christian / Muslim must not be caught starting a pornography dating site. This is because of the addiction it might steer in some folks. Plus, you risk living a watered down spiritual life when you do this.

15. Cosmetic Surgery Business-: Bible says that you are wonderfully made; therefore having to start a cosmetic surgery business may counter that.

16. Human Trafficking Business-: What good Christian / Muslim would possibly sell a fellow human. This is because it is a very bad move for a Christian / Muslim to sell people.

17. Tobacco Farming-: If you have a penchant for farming, then you must ensure that you do not add tobacco farming to one of your crops. This is because of how harmful tobacco may be to the human body.

18. Cannabis Farming-: The Christian / Islamic faith prohibits this type of business and you must learn not to engage in this if you do not want to spoil your relationship with God.

19. Abortion Business-: If you are in the medical line, you may consider not starting an abortion business. This is a money spinner for some people. But it is a grave business to engage in as a good Christian / Muslim.

20. Stolen Goods Business-: If you have a connection with people who steal goods, then consider not starting a stolen goods business. This is in no way good for a true Christian

There are the 20 businesses that a good Christian / Muslim must not dabble into. You must learn to stay clean by dealing in businesses that wouldn’t spoil your conscience.

Ajaero Tony Martins