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20 Best Business ideas in Ohio

Do you live in Ohio and you want to start a business, but you lack business ideas? Then below are the top 20 small business opportunities in Ohio United States.

There are lots of lucrative businesses that you can start in Ohio but when you are searching for a business to invest in, the most important thing is to really sit down and think of a need that is lacking in a particular area, and then you should start a business that would help to meet that need.

You should also not forget about your own passion. What do you really like doing? If you start a business in an area that you are not interested in, then chances are that you will become frustrated and unhappy at the end of the day. In this article, I have mapped out twenty-one separate areas of need that you can help to meet in Ohio and also make money in the process-:

Small Business ideas and Investment Opportunities in Ohio

1. Childcare Center

Starting a childcare center can either mean starting a babysitting service, a daycare center or both. A child care center is easy to start as long as you have a very good space that is conducive for children. If you don’t have money to rent a place, you can start a babysitting service where you will have to go into people’s homes to look after their kids when they are away.

2. Women Fashion Store

Ohio is filled with a lot of fashionable women which means you can make good profit from selling women’s clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Just make sure you always stock good and trendy stuffs.

3. Recycling Pick up

The need to protect the environment has made recycling business a very lucrative one. You can make money from recycling empty bottles, tins and even electronics.

4. Dry Cleaning

Everyone wears clothes in Ohio but not everyone has the time to do their own laundry. You can make money from providing this vital service to the residents of Ohio.

5. Nightclub

After a hard day’s work, it’s only natural for people to want to relax and hand out with friends. Weekends are also a time to catch fun and relax for most residents of Ohio. Starting a night club is a very good business idea. To make more money, you can consider adding your own beer brewing business to it; which means you will brew the beer to be served at the nightclub yourself.

6. Carpet Cleaning and Installation

Carpets have to be cleaned regularly for the sake of maintenance, so that dusts and stains can be removed. Another smart business you can start in Ohio is helping people clean and install their carpet.

7. Software Trainer

It’s a computer age and lots of companies make use of different software for their businesses but the challenge is that staffs have to be trained to use these software.

8. Independent Healthcare Consultant

With all the diseases flying around, people are learning to take their health more seriously. You can start a business to help people with their health. Advice them on healthy eating and living habit, help them with health insurance, advise them on the best hospitals to use and also help them to get the best treatments at the fairest prices.

9. Food Truck

If you have ever worked a full-time job, then you will know just how essential a food truck business is. People who work in offices are sometimes so busy that they don’t have time to grab lunch or even breakfast. By starting a food truck business, you will be helping people meet an important need and also make money in the process.

10. Become a Freelancer

There’s space for freelancing opportunity in almost any profession out there. Accounting, Web designing, Insurance, just name it. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to start a business with little capital and also work at your own convenience.

If you possess some special skills or good with any profession such as writing, photography, research etc, you can start a freelancing job just from the comfort of your apartment.

11. Gas Station

If you’ve lived in Ohio or ever visited Ohio, then you will know that the population of motor vehicle users is really high. You can start a branded or unbranded gas station to cater to the needs of these numerous motorists.

12. Convenience Store

You can also start a convenience store where you can sell a variety of items which people buy regularly.

13. Auto Repair

You do not need an engineering degree to start an auto repair shop. You don’t even necessarily need training for it. You can always hire people to manage it for you. However, it is advisable for you to learn how to repair vehicles yourself so that your business doesn’t fold up when a staff resigns.

14. Ice Cream and Yoghurt Store

Ice cream and yoghurt is not only for the children. Adults are always encouraged to consume lots of fresh yoghurt as it is good for the health. You can obtain a yoghurt store franchise or start your own ice cream and yoghurt shop in Ohio.

15. Party Rentals

This is another smart business idea for someone looking to invest in Ohio. You can make money from renting out party supplies to people for their weddings, birthdays or meetings.

16. Coin-Operated Laundry

If you are looking for a kind of business that requires minimum supervision, then you can consider starting a coin-operated laundry.

17. Real Estate

Real estate is also a very good investment in Ohio. You can become a real estate developer if you have sufficient funds or an agent if you don’t have much capital to invest.

18. Bakery

You can also start a bakery or a confectionery.

19. Mobile Business Consultant

The world is going mobile and businesses are going mobile but some business owners who want to take their businesses mobile lack the skills and knowledge required to do it. You can become a mobile business consultant that teaches and assists people to take their businesses mobile.

20. Mobile Salon

It’s a very busy world out there and proper grooming takes time. Sometimes, the time it will take, the traffic to be endured and the stress makes people think twice about taking a trip to the salon. You can eliminate all those troubles by taking your services to your clients through a mobile salon.