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Duties & Job Description of a Public Area Attendant

Do you want to know what is required to become a public area attendant? If YES, here is a detailed job description of a public area attendant. A Public Area Attendant is responsible for keeping all lobbies and public facilities (such as lobby restrooms, telephone area, the front desk, and offices) in a neat and clean condition.

Public area attendant promotes a positive image of the property to guests and must be pleasant, honest, friendly and should also able to address guest requests and problems. The Public Area Attendant performs guest service needs and cleaning tasks in public areas and other locations assigned in accordance with Company policies and procedures.

Please note that in order to qualify as a Public Area Attendant; you should have a High School certificate or equivalent or 1 year diploma in hotel management. Experience in financial accounting, personnel supervision and problem resolution is an added advantage.

When it comes to experience, ordinarily no experience is required but if you have previous hotel-related experience it will be an added advantage to you. Plus, this position requires the capability to understand and follow both oral and written directions as well as knowledge and usage of correct business English and office practices.

You must be able to communicate effectively with others, analyze and resolve problems, maintain effective working relationships, and interact successfully with internal and external customers. Physical mobility and stamina required and also the ability to work independently. Having said that, here are the Top 32 Duties and Responsibilities of a Public Area Attendant:

Job Description & Duties of a Public Area Attendant

  1. Responsible for cleaning rooms, hallways and restrooms.
  2. Responsible for cleaning and maintaining restaurants and banquet halls.
  3. Responsible for sweeping carpets.
  4. Responsible for emptying ashtrays and urns as at when due.
  5. Responsible for polishing furniture and fixtures as instructed.
  6. Vacuums and polishes elevators as often as required.
  7. Keeps the front of the hotel free from trash.
  8. Responsible for cleaning rugs, carpets and upholstered furniture using a vacuum cleaner, broom and shampoo machine.
  9. Responsible for washing walls and ceilings, moves and arranges furniture, and turns mattresses.
  10. Responsible for sweeping, moping, scrubbing, waxing, and polishing the floors of the hotel.
  11. Responsible for dusting and polishing all the metal work.
  12. Responsible for collecting solid linen supplies in floor linen closets.
  13. Responsible for maintaining housekeeping carts.
  14. Responsible for removing trash collected by room attendants.
  15. Required to attend daily briefings for functions and events held in the hotel.
  16. Required to perform daily assigned tasks in toilets, lifts, back areas, terrace, etc.
  17. Responsible for cleaning and maintaining all equipment daily.
  18. Required to follow up a special cleaning schedule given by the housekeeping control desk.
  19. Required to report maintenance to supervisor/ housekeeping desk immediately.
  20. Ensure that he or she complies with Lost and Found Policy of the Hotel.
  21. Required to assist Guest in Public Areas when required.
  22. Required to have good knowledge of all hotel facilities, hours of operation, Restaurants, shops and function rooms.
  23. Responsible for maintaining inventory in the Housekeeping closets.
  24. In charge of posting caution signs as and when required.
  25. Responsible for following up on departmental policies and procedures.
  26. Responsible for upkeep of all the equipment which he is using i.e., Vacuum cleaner, trolleys, Scrubbing machine.
  27. Responsible for maintaining a time schedule for cleaning of their areas.
  28. Responsible for spring cleaning of their area as per the schedule is given to them.
  29. Authorized to enter into offices for maintenance or other activities like pest control, shampooing of carpet etc.
  30. Respond to audits to ensure continual improvement is achieved.
  31. Assists in maintaining a safe work environment for all team members and guests through visual inspection of common area(s) during shift.
  32. Show capacity to perform other duties as assigned by the management.