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Duties & Job Description of an Assistant Front Office Manager

Do you want to know what is required to become an assistant front office manager? If YES, here is a detailed job description of an assistant front office manager. An Assistant Front Office Manager is the person to whom guest complaints and concerns are addressed.

Assistant Front Office Managers must be ready to respond to a wide variety of requests and must be able to address concerns in a timely and professional manner. Requests can range from extra linens or towels to having other guests reduce noisy activities.

It is often up to the Assistant Front Office Manager to provide necessary training to all personnel working front desk operation. This might include training employees in using hotel computer systems, applying guest service techniques and handling telephone inquiries. Assistant Front Office Managers might be involved with recruiting and reviewing applications when hiring new staff members.

During the check-in process, guests will often be required to make payment on their room. An Assistant Front Office Manager will process cash or credit card payments. They are also often responsible for maintaining a balanced account.

Please note that in order to qualify as a Assistant Front Office Manager; you should have a 2 or 3 Year Degree from an accredited University or Diploma in Hospitality Management or graduate bachelor degree and/or diploma in hotel or other related field.

You as well need computer knowledge and experience in MS office programs. Experience in financial accounting, personnel supervision and problem resolution is an added advantage. You are also expected to have minimum of 2 to 3 years work experience as Assistant Manager or Team Leader – Front Office/Guest Relations in a hotel.

In order to be a successful Assistant Front Office Manager, you need to have strong written and verbal communication, decision-making and organizational skills. You should be a leader who can both supervise employees and provide customer service to hotel guests.

The ability to work independently and in teams is important for Assistant Front Office Managers. Having said that, here are the Top 41 Duties and Responsibilities of an Assistant Front Office Manager:

What is the Job Description of an Assistant Front Office Manager?

  1. In the absence of Front Office manager or Resident Manger take charge of the operations of Front office Department.
  2. Primarily reporting to Front office manager or EAM Rooms.
  3. 3. Ensures guests have a smooth – running stay at the hotel.
  4. As the Assistant Front Office Manager, one should act as the bridge between the front and the back office. While coordinating the operation, you will also ensure that all guests experience a fantastic stay.
  5. Ensures Customer Satisfaction and handle Guest Feedback, Social Media Review and related concerns.
  6. Responsible for handling Financial Performance (Up selling, Room Revenue, Operation Auditing).
  7. Responsible for managing and motivates the Front Office team in order to provide a high standard of service for customers.
  8. Responsible for Welcoming guests and fosters customer loyalty through his/her friendly manner.
  9. Responsible for developing high quality relationships with guests throughout their stay.
  10. Responsible for handling any guest complaints or contentious issues that cannot be settled directly by team members and provides a fast solution.
  11. Responsible for overseeing and supervising guest arrivals and departures with the front office executive and duty managers.
  12. Responsible for providing high level of customer service and maintain a high profile in the day to day front office operations.
  13. Ensure that personalized service is offered to each and every guest.
  14. Ensures that the pricing policy and internal audit procedures are duly applied.
  15. Responsible for supervising the management of debtors, group and individual guest invoicing and cash operations.
  16. Responsible for monitoring all executive floor executives to ensure maximum guest satisfaction through personal recognition and prompt cordial attention from arrival through departure.
  17. In charge of reviewing arrival list for all arrivals and VIPs to check room allocations, amenities and special requests.
  18. Responsible for preparing monthly and daily revenue report and circulate to all HOD’s.
  19. Responsible for preparing Room revenue and occupancy forecast take action on rate strategies.
  20. Monitor and control expenses within the allotted budget.
  21. Part of the disciplinary committee that sits on any case that involves employees under his / her supervision.
  22. Play a part as needed in the interviewing and hiring of employee team members with appropriate skills.
  23. Identifies the developmental needs of hotel staff and provide coaching, mentoring to improve their knowledge or skills as required.
  24. Integrates and trains employees, providing support for skills development.
  25. Make sure that all front desk employees are well presented (uniforms, personal hygiene etc), and also punctual.
  26. Make sure that the workplace remains clean and tidy
  27. Make sure that team members have current knowledge of hotel products, services, facilities, events, pricing and policies and knowledge of the local area and events.
  28. Makes sure that the hotel’s pricing policy and sales pitches are duly applied in order to optimize REVPAR
  29. Have a good knowledge of all systems and standard operating procedures of front office.
  30. Make sure that guest documentation and information is available and up-to-date.
  31. Responsible for prioritizing and delegating daily work responsibilities to front desk staff.
  32. Responsible for managing staffing schedules, shift changes, payrolls, and labor costs.
  33. Responsible for scheduling front desk meeting to identify and resolve operational issues, accounting variances, and housekeeping discrepancies.
  34. Responsible for developing and implementing strategies for bell desk, front office and parking.
  35. Ensure that employees are properly groomed and dressed.
  36. Identify process improvement to achieve financial and service goals.
  37. Responsible for planning shift schedule and duties based on business forecast.
  38. Supervise the billing and cash processes to ensure compliance with company standards.
  39. Provide feedback to the team members on their performances and improvements.
  40. Assist in preparing yearly operating budgets, capital expenditure and manpower budgets.
  41. Show capacity to perform other duties as assigned by the management.