Have you ever visited any company whose staff put on uniforms to conduct their duties? If you have done that, you will realize that the uniforms they put on make them look decent, smart and easy to identify. Although putting on uniforms might not apply to all organization, but if your organization is such that it won’t be a bad idea to make use of uniforms, then by all means please ensure that your staff put on uniforms.

If you run a bank, an insurance firm, a school or any similar organization, then you would not need to put your staff on uniforms. But if you run a hospital, an Airline Company, a factory, a restaurant, hotel, or a security firm or any similar organization, then you might just have to consider putting your staff on uniforms. When employees put on uniforms, it goes a long way to control how you want them to look. It is a way to project your employees the way you want your customers to view them.

Uniform as the name implies is just a way to ensure that a group of people wear same cloth for a specific purpose. So if you run an organization and you are looking for ways to impress your customers, then you should consider putting your staff on uniforms. Below are some tips that will guide you to achieve this;

How to Impress Your Customers By Putting Your Staff on Uniforms

1. Ensure that Uniform is Appropriate in Your Industry

It is a fact that the use of uniforms can’t apply to all organizations. For example, you don’t expect those who work in banks or insurance companies to wear uniforms to conduct their duties; the best you can achieve is to ensure that they wear same color of shirt, tie and suit or you can dedicate a day or two in month for your staff to put on your company’s promotional Tee Shirt and Cap. But if you run an organization were putting on uniforms won’t be a bad idea, then you need to allow your staff to put on uniforms. That is why it is essential to find out if putting on uniform is appropriate in your industry.

2. Choose a Color That Is Presentable

If you run a company in an industry where putting on uniforms is the norm, then you just have to choose a uniform whose color is presentable. Since part of your goal of putting your staff on uniform is to impress your customers, then you must ensure that you don’t use conflicting colors that will piss off your customers.

Just ensure that whatever color you choose for your uniform represent the colors of your company. If you don’t have eyes for color, you can contract it to someone who does to help you blend the colors of your company to produce a very good uniform for your staff that will impress your customers. Note that it is also important to choose different colors of uniform for different cadre of staffs.

3. Choose a Design That is Suitable

There are different designs of uniform and in some cases the culture and religion of the country where your company is located will determine the design of uniform that you can give to your staff. If your company is located in the Middle East or in a predominantly Muslim community, then you must ensure that the designs of your uniform permit the use of hijab for Muslim female staff.

Just ensure that whatever design you choose helps promote your company’s corporate culture – the uniforms your staff put on should be able to communicate part of your company’s vision and what your company stands for. If you need samples of uniform designs, then you can search online; you will get quite a hand full of them.

4. You Can Have Different uniforms for Different Days and Different Cadre of Staff

Another way to impress your customers by putting your staff on uniform is to ensure that you have different uniforms for different days and also for different cadre of staff. It is important that your supervisors do not wear same uniform with your junior staff. Once your customers notice that your supervisors or managers puts on different uniform, it will make it pretty much easier for them to know who to meet to lodge their complaints and who to meet to make enquires.

It is also important to ensure that you allow your staff to put on different color and design of uniform for different days of the week; that is one of the ways to impress your customers. Even if the color of your company is just two different colors, you can work around it to design different uniforms for different days of the week for your staff.

5. Ensure that Employee’s Uniforms are Always Neat and Presentable

It is important to state that the fact that your staff puts on uniform does not necessarily mean that they will be neat at all times. It is your responsibilities to ensure that they take responsibility of the uniform and to ensure that the uniform is neat. Of course the use of uniform is one sure way to control the outlook of your staff but deliberate action must be in place. You can give the responsibility of ensuring that staff’s uniform are always neat and presentable to your supervisors or frontline managers.

The truth is that, if you are able to impress your customers by ensuring that your staff puts on uniform when conducting their duties, you are likely going to increase the sales of your products or services; it has a way to positively impact on your revenue.

There you have it; tips to follow to impress your customers by putting your staff on uniform.