Are you a pregnant woman looking to start a business at home to make money? If YES, here are 50 best easy-to-start small business ideas for pregnant women. The rush of hormones, eating for two, and the general body changes that come with pregnancy affect women in different ways, but one thing is certain, the body is never the same and there is usually a general toning down in physical activities in this period.

But the fact that the body does not want to work, does not mean the body does not need money to function.  In fact, now is the time you need more money because you have to start spending for two. As a pregnant woman, you may need to slow down or even quit your hectic 9 to 5.

But still, there are some things you can do from your own home that won’t put you under tremendous pressure but will still earn you some income to take care of your needs. One good thing about these businesses is that you can continue with them even after your pregnancy and child rearing period. If you are ready, then here are 50 business ideas that can be suitable and easy for a pregnant woman to start.

50 Best Easy-to-Start Business ideas for Pregnant Women

  1. Home-based coaching 

If you are a teacher or a skilled coach, now is the time to appreciate your kills and training more. It does not matter what area your skills fall into, be it fitness, health, business, cooking or general motivational coaching, this is the time to make a business out of it and in your own terms.

All you have to do is advertise your services though printed fliers and in no time, you will get prospective students. You can also apply the same for remedial tutoring on specific subjects. The best thing about this is that you can even do them online through chats, emails, and video lectures. If fact this might just be the best route for you to avoid having any hassles with the law.

  1. Virtual Language Tutoring Business

If you know two languages or want to teach English to others in a different country, starting a virtual language tutoring business would be the perfect fit for you. As a language tutor, you would charge your clients an hourly rate for your language services.

The good thing about this business is that it is done solely online and you do not have to stress yourself to startup and run a business. I mean, who needs additional stress when a baby is baking in the oven?

  1. Surrogate Mother Coaching Company

A surrogate mother is someone who uses their body to carry and give birth to a baby for a couple or women who is unable to get pregnant themselves. If you’ve been through the process of carrying a child previously, including your current condition as a pregnant woman, you may have the experience to start a Surrogate Mother Coaching Company.

This business would involve working with the surrogate mother to make sure they are eating properly, getting enough rest, and doing all the right things so the baby is healthy. The main purpose of this service is to help the surrogate mother, and also give peace of mind to the person that is going to be raising that child later on. They are going to want to make sure that the surrogate mother is doing all the right things.

Since people care so much about these areas, a high fee can be charged as you consult and help these surrogate mothers. Most of your consulting can be done over the phone so you do not need to be on the road all the time. Because you are pregnant, you should only take on clients you can handle comfortably, unless you are prepared to hire staff.

  1. Jewelry making Business

Yet another less stress business you can look to start as a pregnant woman is jewelry making. If you already have the experience, you can start making earrings, necklaces, beads, rings and earpieces from home and supply them to jewelry stores around you or sell them on the internet.

  1. Video Rental Club

If you are a movie buff, then you can commercialize that art at this period when you don’t need to be very active. This means that you can begin to rent movies to people who love movies like you do. This is one business that can be engaged in if you are pregnant. If you don’t have much strength to follow customers around to offer assistance, then you can hire an assistant.

  1. Job Bureau

There are cases where people find it difficult to hire the people they need. You may consider helping to bridge this gap by starting a job bureau. Here, you can help people find very competent hands. For instance; it could be a nanny job, house keeper jobs, etc. This business can easily be set up from your home and run solely online. But you need to establish your contact list first. This is yet another suitable business for a pregnant woman.

7. Dress making business

If you know how to sew, you could make bed sheets, pillow cases, duvets, children’s clothes, adults clothing, pet clothes, teddy bears, scarves and sarongs and even children’s clothes.

You could also sell these on the internet, supply to stores around you or sell them to your friends and family members. If you plan yourself and the business well, you would not be on the road everyday making deliveries. If you are creative, there is no limit to what you can make at home for sell.

  1. Children Book Writing Company

Writing and selling children books can be a great business for a pregnant woman. One reason for this is because you get to stay at home or in a comfortable area to write your books, then you reach out to a publisher to publish and market the books for you while you sit back and collect royalty. If you have certain lessons you like to teach your own children, you could write these into stories and work with a graphics designer to make it look appealing to the kids.

These books could be published on your own website and other marketplaces to generate you an income. The best part is that you can work on writing these books when you don’t have doctor’s appointments, or other commitments.

  1. Book Shop and Stationery Business

A book shop and stationery business is yet another good business for a pregnant woman to start. You may consider starting this business in your neighborhood to minimize the stress of going and coming. If you are really finding your pregnancy period a bit difficult, you can start an online book store where all your transactions will be done online.

  1. Single mother help hotline company

There are many single mothers out there that are working one and maybe two jobs while raising their family. And some may not have enough time to talk to friends about the problems they are facing in life. To help solve this problem, you could start a nationwide hotline that single mothers could call, and for a very low cost, be able to vent or talk about the problems they are experiencing.

If you have a background in counselling, this could be a great business to run as the other women may feel more confident when they are talking to an accredited counselor, and one in the family way for the matter.

  1. Nail Studio

If you are pregnant, then this is a great business to leverage on. You may consider learning the art of painting nails, fixing artificial nails, as well as generally being up to speed with the art of nail beautification. Cleaning, buffering and fixing nails would indeed be an easy business for a pregnant woman but you have to ensure that you don’t bend when you are handling toe nails. A bit of planning would help you work through this.

  1. Match Making Business

There are some folks who lack the means of meeting new people. In this case, you can help bring them closer to other people for dates. One good thing about this business is that it can be done over the internet, so it is quite suitable for a pregnant woman.

  1. Personal Skills Development Service

As a pregnant woman who may be between jobs, you most likely have extensive personal skills such as cleaning, cooking, managing personal schedules for your family, running errands and many other tasks that you could teach others.

You can leverage on these self taught skills to start a business. To start this service, you should list the kind of development services you can offer on a website and start networking with other parents who hire a nanny, but also want their child to learn those important life skills.

  1. Skin Care Products Business

If you have an eye for making the skin look good, then you may want to take that likeness some notch higher and start a skin care products business. If you have your own unique formula, then you can start making your own skin care products from home.

You should of course learn about your building regulations to know if you can start such business from home. When it comes to marketing your products, you can decide to sell online through your social media channels.

  1. Child Development Subscription Box

Child development can also be taught in another aspect that does not require a tutor, this is where the child development subscription service comes in. This is in fact a very scalable business that could potentially grow to be a full-time career, once you are done with pregnancy.

The problem this business idea would solve is that some parents may not know what tools, toys and other things they should use to help their child learn in their early years before school. The monthly or quarterly subscription box would come with new toys that match the child’s development and age. This way, the parents get a consistent learning experience for their child, and you can generate a recurring revenue.

  1. Online Boutique

This is particularly a business that would be suitable for pregnant women. This means that even whilst you feel tired and listless, you may still be able to manage your online boutique, since it is all about being connected to the internet.

It entails the sale of clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. You may be required to build a very attractive website so that you can attract loads of people. You can dropship if you don’t have the capacity for now to manage deliveries.

  1. Ebay reselling

This simply entails buying used items at cheap prices from owners who no longer need them and selling them on to those who really need them and are ready to pay much higher prices for them. The only strenuous part of this business is finding used products to sell, and this even gets easier with time. Some products can fetch you as much as 300 percent profits. In this business, your dedication will determine how far you will go.

  1. Travel Agent

With a computer and access to the internet, you can start your own travel agency. Here, you can help your client’s book flight tickets, make hotel reservations, organize airport pick-up and drop-off, cab services and meal tickets without moving an inch from your computer. Starting a travel agent business has never been simpler, especially in the current digital world. All you need to have is a computer and access to the internet.

  1. Voice over Artist

If you are a pregnant woman who has a sonorous voice, then you may consider being a voice over artist. This means that you can lend your voice for great works of arts like; audio books, radio jingles, and what have you. This is a freelance job and means you can work with your own time. Being pregnant does not hinder yo from doing this work as you only get to take jobs that are convenient for you. And most times, you can be allowed to make recordings and send them off to your clients.

  1. Web design

As a pregnant woman, you won’t have a problem designing websites for clients if you already have the skills. Just ensure that you are always in a comfortable sitting position whenever you are working. The only thing you would be putting under stress here is your brain.

  1. Bag Making

These days more than ever before, business ideas that people thought were exclusive to machines are now being made with hands. One of such businesses is the bag making trade. As such, it is possible to set up a bag making business from home.

This means that you may decide to be the designer who comes up with designs, while others make it. Conversely, you may want to learn the skill outright, and engage in its creation and finishing. This is a great business for pregnant women. You can decide to start on a very small scale for now and sell to just family and friends.

  1. Home daycare

Working parents are always in need of a place to keep their kids while at work. You could start a crèche or daycare business from home. Just mark out a portion of your house, maybe a spare bedroom or some space you are not using and buy the necessary supplies you would need and you are ready to start your day care business.

All you have to do is seek for some small business financing options and buy some basic essentials like playthings and other necessary supplies.

In case the care of children and maintenance of the place becomes a little too stressful for you, you can consider hiring someone to help you out with other tasks like cleaning. If you love children, then this is no doubt a business you can go for in 2021.

  1. Book Club

There will always be the need to read. This is because of the insatiability of garnering knowledge. There are many ways to operate a book club- it could be the weekly, monthly or bimonthly. As such, a pregnant woman can start this business in her neighborhood.

  1. Freelance writer

As the need for more remote workers increases in 2021, choosing a niche in the freelance world can be rewarding for a pregnant woman. Take your time to determine your strong field and what you love most. For instance, if you love design, you could sign up as a freelance web designer and seek clients online. You will be surprised at how many people will be looking for these services online.

The other common but richly rewarding freelance job is working as a freelance writer. With thousands of websites cropping up by the day, demand for written content is on its all-time high. Your pregnancy won’t limit you from getting on that laptop and pitching for writing jobs from both individuals and agencies.

If you are good with writing, then you may want to look at making some cool bucks from this skill. Writing is not stressful. All you need is the skills, a computer and internet connection. You would easily get jobs on freelancing websites like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer.

  1. Editing Business

If you are well versed in English, or any other language, then you may want to consider starting an editing services business. This is a business that might not require you to leave your house. As such, it is suitable for pregnant women. All you need is the skills, a computer and internet connection. You would easily get jobs on freelancing websites like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer.

  1. Public Speaking Business

If you naturally have the ability of eloquence, then you may want to start a public speaking business. You can successfully start this business pregnant woman. You can use this stage to plan out the modalities of the business and trying to get a foothold in the industry. The idea is to be able to keep your listeners spell bound.

  1. Home Tutoring

You could also start a home tutoring service where kids can come and improve on subjects they are having challenges with at school. You could also teach people how to play musical instruments, how to bake, how to cook or whatever skills you are good at and you feel people would be interested in learning.

  1. Translating Business

This is a very good business for a pregnant woman to start. It requires that you serve as a translator. This means that if you are versed in a particular language- for instance, Spanish, Dutch, or Portuguese. You may be asked to offer your services. All you need is the skills, a computer and internet connection. You would easily get jobs on freelancing websites like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer.

  1. Craft making and selling

There are so many things you can learn to make and sell. You could make candles, soap, insecticides, sponges, towels and several other items. Just make sure you are very careful and protect yourself well if you would be working with chemicals as it may not be too good for your baby.

  1. Forex Trading Business

The forex business isn’t exclusive to the men. As a matter of fact, there are women who do well in it. This is why you may as well start this trade in the period where you need a lot of rest. It is a very good business for a pregnant woman. It requires that you garner the knowledge to trade, have a computer and an internet connection.

  1. Video blogging

You could also talk about your pregnancy journey and teach other women what to expect during pregnancy, what to eat or things to avoid. You could easily do this through video blogging. Open an account on YouTube, get a smart video recorder and you are good to go.

  1. Photography Business

If you like to take photographs, then you can convert this hobby to commercial purposes by starting a photography business. This is a profitable trade and can be embarked on by a pregnant woman. You however need to be very creative if you want to make a name in this business and as well carve niche for yourself.

  1. Vending Machine

A vending machine business requires minimal supervision and the good thing is that you can sell just about anything with your vending machine. You could buy a new machine or look for good, used ones on the internet and then look for a good space with high human traffic to put your vending machine and voila, you will start selling and making money.

You would only need to pay regular visits to restock. The best thing about a vending machine is that it does not only require minimal supervision but doesn’t involve too much strain. With a vending machine, you can sell virtually anything at the comfort of your home environment. This business is great for a pregnant woman.

  1. Become a Business Plan Writer

A business writer is someone who writes proposals and plans for a company, or reports on the stock market, financing or other economic happenings for publications. Business plan writing businesses serve business leaders.

Most often these are entrepreneurs seeking investments or loans, but they also can be investors who need visas to get into the U.S. or other countries of the world. Some writers also compose plans for non-profit organizations. If you have a background in business, then you can start a business plan writing service as a pregnant woman.

  1. Online store

Another good business that pregnant women can do without stress is to start an online store. You could sell about anything on your online store. You could even use drop shipping services, so that you won’t have to go through any form of stress involved in purchasing and delivery.

As we enter 2021, more and more businesses are getting online. This has been driven by the upsurge in customers resorting to making purchases online instead of the physical stores. Whether you are pregnant or already delivered and still on maternity leave, starting an online store can be richly rewarding. Choose a niche based on what your target audience may need more.

  1. Virtual assistant

A reinvention of the traditional secretarial and administrative business, this is one of the hottest new businesses today. As a virtual assistant, you will perform the typical tasks of secretaries and administrative support professionals, such as word processing, speech preparations, sending and replying to emails, and so on.

The only major difference here is that everything including communication with your employer is done online, which means you can work from the comfort of your room.

  1. Home Birth Consultant

Many parents these days are having home births, however, if it’s not done correctly it can be very dangerous for both the mother and baby involved. That is why it’s important they have a Home Birth Consultant. If you have experience in this area or want to learn more to become a consultant, this could be a great business to consider as you could charge a high fee for such personal work.

  1. Online beading store

If you love beading and have been advised to monetize your beading skills, then it’s high time you heed that advice. And now, you can add the innovative touch of selling your beads online rather than opening a physical store. Aside selling ready-made beaded jewelry, you can also offer custom-made beads as well as premium video tutorials that teach various beading methods and techniques.

  1. Data Entry

Another interesting and less-stressful job that you could do from home as a pregnant woman is data-entry. Data entry jobs abound on the internet and it won’t be difficult for you to get one. All you need is the skills, a computer and internet connection. You would easily get jobs on freelancing websites like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is now big business. Though it takes time to start profiting consistently from it, but once you start reaping the fruits of your efforts, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. So, if you pride yourself on being passionate about or knowledgeable in a topic such as parenting, pregnancy, business, health and so on, then you should start a blog that offers valuable information for free. With time, you will build a huge loyal audience and your profits will start coming in.

  1. Sell Healthy Homemade Goodies

Selling homemade goodies is a superb job for a pregnant woman because you can create them at your free time or at times when you have a lot of energy. Additionally, you can test out the products on your family and friends for immediate feedback and sell your goodies at farmers’ markets on weekends.

Also, make relationships with local vendors like restaurants and delis to increase sales. If you’re not too strong to attend events, consider setting up an online store where local customers can purchase your goodies and you ship orders to them.

Use a website like Shopify that has a built-in ecommerce feature you can use to sell your items online. The cost to use the Shopify platform is $29 per month. Once your website is up and running, promote it with online marketing. Social media is a great way to essentially have your own reality show as a baker and as a pregnant woman. If you can entertain fans online, you can also sell your goodies to them.

  1. Online Community Assistant Service

The key to starting a successful business as a pregnant woman is to make sure that you can do the work from your home, so you can get as much rest as you need. That is why the Online Community Assistant Service would be a great business to consider.

There are many Facebook and Instagram groups, chats and communities that need to be managed as the owners need time to operate their own business. This is where your services could come in. By charging a monthly fee to the group/ chat room owners, you could moderate the comments and peoples posts so they stick to the certain guidelines.

This ultimately saves a lot of time for the group owner so they can focus on more important things. To get started with this idea, you can begin by talking to group moderators on Facebook.

  1. Multi-level marketing

Multi-level marketing is another smart business idea for pregnant women. You could easily get people to patronize you or join your team through the use of internet marketing tools.

  1. Airbnb Host

An Airbnb host can be the perfect business for you to start because you can be available at the odd hours when other unit owners are usually working, and cannot accommodate their guests. That is where you can help them since you may have more flexibility with your schedule.

This business idea would involve working with the unit owners to provide a great guest experience for their bookings. Services could include clean-up, laundry, amenities replenishing, key management and other guest satisfaction tasks. A per unit or per-visit charge could be applied to your clients. If you live in a big city, this would be a great idea to consider as there will usually be a lot of Airbnb rentals to target.

  1. Real estate agent

You could also become a real estate agent. Go around your area and look for new construction sites or property developers who need to rent out their property then obtain marketing lead from people who are searching for similar properties. You could earn a lot of commission just from doing that.

  1. Gift delivery

Another business idea to start as a pregnant woman is to start a gift delivery business in your area. You could start a floral delivery business or any other gift that is handy to you. You should learn some unique packaging to give your business a boost.

  1. Parenting Lessons Service

Many new parents don’t know what to expect or do when they bring their newborn child home. If they have been preparing, it usually involves reading a lot of books, however, in your local area there may not be many options for in-person parenting classes. And some people learn so much better with an in-person instructor where they can ask questions and get live feedback.

To start this service, you could begin by hosting classes at your house for a small fee and it could be done in the evenings when you don’t have many responsibilities. This may work well for other working parents too. By going to schools and where other new parents hangout, you could see if they would be interested in taking one of your classes.

  1. Spousal Dating Setup Service

There are many married and co-inhabiting couples out there that want to go out on dates together, but can never think of anything to do. Some couples are even so busy working and taking care of their own children, they don’t have time to make those important plans.

This service would help those couples by providing them with a full date experience package for a single price. The couple would simply pay you a fee and then they would be able to get a recommendation for an entire day or evening of events, dinning and fun that they could enjoy together.

If you like planning dates and know the best spots in your area for the different kind of couples, this could be a great business idea to start as a pregnant woman as you d not need to leave your house to run this business.

  1. Business broker

There’s also opportunity for you in the business world as a business broker. This involves linking people who are interested in some products and services with people who are willing and able to supply them. You would earn a commission for your efforts.

  1. Baby Proofing Consultant

If you are a pregnant woman, especially one who has had babies before, you have most likely one the home “baby-proofing” routine right when you got home from the hospital. If you enjoyed the process, you should consider starting a Baby Proofing Consulting Firm.

You can possibly work with local daycares, child development centers and home residences to make sure the environment is completely safe for babies. There are many new things that new parents don’t consider when they first bring home their child, and that is where you can save them the unplanned moments.

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