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9 Best Chair Massage Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to start a chair massage business but you want to go niche? If YES, here are 9 best chair massage business ideas & opportunities. Chair massage is a simple way to give massages almost anywhere.

Massage therapists possess a distinct advantage over many business owners since they offer a service everyone values. The ideal client for your massage business will be individuals seeking holistic healing and will help spread the word about how your services stand out above the rest.

This business is ideal for individuals who believe they are blessed with the power to heal others with their touch; especially since massage therapists spend their days using their hands to alleviate physical, mental, and emotional stressors of others. While it can be taxing on the body, the rewards come back plentiful.

In this massage business, your daily tasks will go beyond massage. Your clients must be scheduled and payments processed. There will be equipment to clean and sheets to launder, client notes to complete, and product orders to place.

Although you can offer treatment packages, but most massage businesses charge per session. Those who accept insurance simply collect the insured’s co-payment and bill the rest directly to the insurance company. Some entrepreneurs in this business also choose to offer more than just their services, profiting from offering goods such as Bio freeze, essential oils, books, and CDs.

According to research, massage therapists charge a minimum of $60 per hour. If you plan to accept insurance, plan the fee structure with each company to ensure the allowable amount meets your business needs. In the united states, the average salary for massage therapists is $37,180.

This number varies greatly, depending upon additional certifications, specializations, and your business concept. Most states in the United States mandate massage therapists to maintain a current state license, which lets them off the hook of seeking county or city licenses.

States more or less require new licensees to have a certificate of completion from an accredited massage-therapy training institute and a minimum number of massage hours performed under the supervision of a licensed therapist. No matter where you stay or plan to start your business, there are other massage therapists that offer similar services.

What will really set you apart will be your business concept, marketing ideas, and the incentives you offer your clients. For instance, you may offer a money-back guarantee if the client is not happy with the results or you might offer short training sessions on how to keep your body healthy at work.

Best Chair Massage Business ideas

  1. Coin-operated Chair Massage Business

Running a coin-operated chair massage is like running a vending machine business. However, before you invest in a coin-operated massage chair, you must first consider its cost, location, permits and papers needed to start the business. One benefit of this idea is that it lets you earn passive income since vending massage chair business doesn’t require a huge amount of involvement from you (the business owner).

  1. Corporate Chair Massage

In this business idea, your target markets are corporate workers and you have to ensure you place yourself where you can be seen. Using an office building as a spot for a chair massage booth guarantees steady flow of customers.

Contact building managers for opportunities to lease space in a lobby, or partner with the wellness division of a corporation to offer massages to their clients. With a corporate chair massage business, you avoid many of the overhead costs associated with running a regular massage business, since you are taking the business to the client.

  1. Gym Chair Massage

Athletes can always gain from a massage after a hard workout. Note that the lobby of a gym or university recreation centre is an ideal spot for a chair massage booth. However, do not forget to contact with the manager of nearby fitness centres and/or the university department of recreation to set up your chair massage booth in their lobby.

  1. Chair Massage Supply and Rental Business

This type of business sells and distributes massage chairs and other related equipment to hospitals, private clients or even businesses. Whether items are sold or rented exclusively online, or at a physical storefront, or a combination of the two, this niche market offers a great business opportunity for the entrepreneur looking to break into the Chair Massage Business.

Purchasing inventory and changing displays will also be a part of your day-to-day activities. In addition to nurturing customer relationships, you and your staff will need to network within the community and build sound relationships with supply manufacturers.

  1. Shopper Chair Massage

People crowding in plazas and malls most times could use a few minutes of massage during their errands, and they may be more able to squeeze it in if your chair massage booth is right where they can assesses you.

However, to channel your healing energy to shoppers, you can contact with a local grocery store or rent space in your mall or shopping centre to set up your chair massage booth. Health food stores may be especially good locations for your chair massage booth as the shoppers there are more health and wellness-conscious.

  1. On-site Chair Massage

A lot of businesses these days offer on-site massage therapy to employees as part of wellness programs. These companies contract with independent massage therapists to provide on-site massages at a fixed reimbursement rate per employee.

You can start a business that focuses on such services. Ensure you buy all the materials you need to perform on-site massages. At minimum, your equipment list should include a collapsible massage chair, lotions and massage oils, surface sanitizers and disposable barriers for the chair’s headrest (e.g., paper towels).

Many therapists also bring CD or MP3 players so the massage recipient may relax with ambient music. Start by sending your marketing materials to local businesses. Mail your business cards, fliers and cover letters outlining your rates and availability and explaining the benefits of massage to companies’ employees.

  1. Party Massages

You can start a chair massage business that focuses solely on this niche and also earn a good living along the way. Just ensure you advertise your services to local party planners and restaurants. Groups planning reunions, bridal showers, or other events can add your services to their event. A chair massage booth adds a nice touch to any spa evening and can also be set up in an event in a private home.

  1. Trade Show Booth Massage

You can also start a chair massage business that partners with another business to offer chair massages at trade shows. You offer the massages to visitors in their booth and they get increased attention and traffic as people come over for their free massage. Charge the business an hourly rate for your services and give your business cards out as well.

  1. Massage Chair Rental Business

Most startup clinics, orthopedic hospitals, private individuals, lack the basic funding to buy things like massage chairs upfront. Some instead choose to rent them and return after use. By doing so, they are able to enjoy the benefits of massage chairs without buying them.

To run this rental business, you must of course have chairs to rent out. You can choose to buy new ones or instead go for operational second hand machines. You can also network with other agencies or people who want to have their equipment rented out.

Owing to the intimate nature of the business, most massage therapy business owners choose to keep their companies on a smaller, more local level. Nonetheless, if your goal is to grow to have multiple locations (and employees) across the city, there is nothing preventing you from achieving those goals.