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10 Ways to Get Free Publicity for your Small Business

Publicity is one thing that all entrepreneurs cash in on when the issue of marketing comes to play. This is because of the immense benefit that can be garnered; benefits such as converting potential clients to regular or even loyal clients is key here. As a business owner, you need publicity for your company to let people know the services or products you are offering.

It is worthy to note that no business can survive for long without publicity. This is because when you don’t spread the word about your business, then you suffer the chance of not making your business known to the general public. That is why you see companies spending millions of dollars each year on adverts alone.

If your excuse is that you don’t have hundred of thousands or even millions of dollars to spend on advertising your small business, there are many other ways to get publicity for your business with little or no money. Several business owners have adopted the strategies and they are no doubt smiling to the bank.

Therefore, if you are in a fix about what these strategies are about, then you may consider taking a cue from the tips to be given in this read. Let us consider the following ways to get free publicity.

10 Incredible Ways to Get Free Publicity for your Small Business

1. Create a Website with Valuable Contents

One way to get free publicity to your business online is to create a website with information on all the products and services that your business offers. Also within your website, you can create a sub-blog by placing valuable contents relating to your products and services. Also, make sure that your site is Search Engine Optimised (SEO) this way; you will get traffic and visitors from search engines.

2. Offer Free Products Online

This method has to do with giving out free products on your website or social network pages. This free stuff includes; eBooks, Webinar and Podcast in exchange for emails. With the emails you can notify them when you have new products. Try to create a relationship with your email list by sending them few emails that will add value to them before you introduce any product to them.

3. Be Active On Social Networks

You can use social networks to get free publicity for your business. Take for instance; Facebook alone has over 800 million active members, you can leverage on this and get new members for you site. You can search for and join groups related to your line of business, also you can create a Facebook group or page for your business where you leave daily tit bits and updates about your business. It isn’t just Facebook, as there are still others like Instagram, Linked and Twitter.

4. Guest Post on High Profile or Authority Website

An authority site is a site that people have come to know and trust on a particular niche or topic overtime. It takes time, money and hard work to build an authority site, but you can get traffic from the authority site by making a guest post on the site. All you need do is contact the owner of the site and notify him or her of your plan to make a guest post.

The owner of the site can give you a topic to write on or give you permission to write your own topic. At the writer’s profile, you give detailed information of yourself, sites or services you offer. This way, anybody that reads the post will know about your business. The authority site should be on the same niche with the services you offer.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is another way to give your business the needed publicity. YouTube is a video sharing site and the third most visited site in the world with over 50 million visitors each day. You can create ‘how to’ videos relating to your business and upload it on YouTube. On the description page; write a detailed description on the products and services you offer. You can also upload the video to other video sharing sites like Vimeo to get more publicity for your business.

6. Send Personalised Gift Items to Potential Clients-: You can take advantage of the holiday seasons like; Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving holidays and send out gift items to both your clients and potential clients. The gift should be personalized with your business logo and list of services you offer.

7. Make Stickers and Share

You can make stickers that contain vital information about your business and encourage your employee, business partners and the company’s shareholder to stick it in copious places like; on cars, on the office door, window. This way anybody that comes in contact with them either at home, office or as they drive gets to see the sticker.

8. Be a Guest Speaker at Related Seminars

Being a guest speaker at related events can give you the much needed publicity. As you can see, I added related events. If you are an Information and Technology consultant, you can only good publicity you need if you are a guest speaker in an Information and Technology or related meeting and seminars. As a guest speaker, a brief intro will be given on who you are and what you do.

9. Design and Share Complimentary Cards

You can make complimentary cards and share to people around you. You can also attend seminars and business meetings and exchange your complimentary card as you network with people there. A good complimentary card should contact the following details about your business; business logo, Business Name, address and location of the business, contact phone number, fax number, email address and website, services you offer.

10. Have a Referral System-: You can create a referral system for your business where people get paid some money for any referral they make for your business that leads to sales. Doing this will motivate people to market your products as affiliate to earn money.

With these ten listed options you can see that you don’t have to spend millions of dollars just to get publicity for your business, as these free methods listed in this article can get you the publicity you need for your small business to grow.