Are you an expectant mother and you are seeking a source of extra income? Then below are the top 20 non-strenuous small business opportunities for pregnant women to start from home.

There are pregnant women all over the world and pregnancy is a very good thing. Even though the human body was created in such a way that it can still function perfectly during pregnancy, some women go through challenges during pregnancy.

Such women find themselves getting very sick and tired after any strenuous activity while some women are just fine throughout their pregnancy. Those who suffer from pregnancy related illnesses may be left with no other option but to quit their day jobs and go on a maternity leave.

Some pregnant women also have to quit their jobs on doctor’s advice maybe because it’s a high-risk pregnancy or because they have some other symptoms that require them to take it slow. However, being pregnant and on maternity leave does not automatically confine you to a world of inactivity.

As a pregnant woman, you still need to get some regular dose of physical activity to keep you and your baby healthy and of course, you need some cash to take care of yourself. Below are some of the businesses that you could do that won’t stress you or endanger your life or that of your baby-:

Top 20 Easy Small Business ideas for Pregnant Women in 2020

1. Jewelry making-: You can learn how to make earrings, necklaces, beads, rings and earpieces from home and supply them to jewelry stores around you or sell them on the internet.

2. Dress making-: If you know how to sew, you could make bed sheets, pillow cases, duvets, children’s clothes, adults clothing, pet clothes, teddy bears, scarves and sarongs and even children’s clothes. You could also sell these on the internet, supply to stores around you or sell them to your friends and family members.

3. Travel Agent-: With a computer and access to the internet, you could start your own travel agency. You would help your client’s book flight tickets, make hotel reservations, organize airport pick-up and drop-off, cab services and meal tickets without moving an inch from your computer.

4. Web design-: As a pregnant woman, you won’t have a problem designing websites for clients if you already have the skills. Just ensure that you are always in a comfortable sitting position whenever you are working.

5. Home daycare-: Working parents are always in need of a place to keep their kids while at work. You could start a crèche or daycare business from home. Just mark out a portion of your house, maybe a spare bedroom or some space you are not using and buy the necessary supplies you would need and you are ready to start your day care business. If the cleaning aspect would be too stressful for you, you could employ someone to handle cleaning for you.

6. Freelance writer-: Writing is not stressful. All you need is the skills, a computer and internet connection. You would easily get jobs on freelancing websites like Odesk, Elance or Freelancer.

7.    Home tutoring-: You could also start a home tutoring service where kids can come and improve on subjects they are having challenges with at school. You could also teach people how to play musical instruments, how to bake, how to cook or whatever skills you are good at and you feel people would be interested in learning.

8. Craft making and selling-: There are so many things you could learn to make and sell. You could make candles, soap, insecticides, sponges, towels and several other items. Just make sure you are very careful and protect yourself well if you would be working with chemicals.

9. Video blogging-: You could also talk about your pregnancy journey and teach other women what to expect during pregnancy, what to eat or things to avoid. You could easily do this through video blogging.

10. Vending machine-: A vending machine business requires minimal supervision and the good thing is that you can sell just about anything with your vending machine. You could buy a new machine or look for good, used ones on the internet and then look for a good space with high human traffic to put your vending machine and there you are; start selling and making money. You would only need to pay regular visits to restock.

11. Online store-: Another good business that pregnant women can do without stress is to start an online store. You could sell about anything on your online store. You could even use drop shipping services, so that you won’t have to go through any form of stress involved in purchasing and delivery.

12. Sell virtual goods-: You could sell virtual goods on the internet like e-books, movies, music or motivational CDs.

13. Data Entry-: Another interesting and less-stressful job that you could do from home as a pregnant woman is data-entry. Data entry jobs abound on the internet and it won’t be difficult for you to get one.

14. Business plan/proposal writer-: You could also make money from helping people to write their business plans and proposals.

15. Multi-level marketing-: Multi-level marketing is another smart business idea for pregnant women. You could easily get people to patronize you or join your team through the use of internet marketing tools.

16. Real estate agent-: You could also become a real estate agent. Go around your area and look for new construction sites or property developers who need to rent out their property then obtain marketing leadoff people who are searching for similar properties. You could earn a lot of commission just from doing that.

17. Gift delivery-: Another business idea is to start a gift delivery business in your area. You could start a floral delivery business.

18. Pastry making-: Bake your pastries and supply to shops and supermarkets near you or get contracts from party hosts to supply pastries at their parties.

19. Catering-: If you have great cooking skills, now is the time to make money from it. You could set up a catering business and offer your services to corporate outlets like restaurants and fast foods, lunch time catering, party catering to mention few.

20. Business broker-: There’s also opportunity for you in the business world as a business broker. This involves linking people who are interested in some products and services with people who are willing and able to supply them.  You would earn commission for your efforts.

In conclusion, pregnancy is a good time to use your skills and talents to make money for you. The most important thing is that you feed well, rest when you have to and don’t miss your ante-natal appointment.