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10 Tips on How to Grow Your Business as a Tarot Reader

Some tarot readers’ work exclusively online while others have their own shop front. There are some who set up booths at festivals, fairs, and private parties, while some are beginning to do readings live using Skype or on the phone. This business is attracting more and more people, and you can choose to work part-time or full-time as your reputation grows.

In this business, your ideal client will be someone who needs guidance on a consistent basis, so that they schedule weekly or monthly readings. Tarot parties can provide excellent income for a few short hours, but are quite hard to line up. You will have clients from all walks of life and income levels. You simply need to find those with an open mind, ready to accept the wisdom provided to them.

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Note that reading Tarot at a fair or walk-ins are is offered at a flat rate for a small spread. More in-depth readings requiring multiple spreads will be charged by the hour. Always remember that your reputation and your clientele will determine just how much or how little you are able to charge. There is very little overhead, so the more readings you do, the more money you can make.

A quick 15-minute reading that you do for walk-ins at the fair can earn $20 each. For more in-depth readings ordered by regular clients, you can charge $60 to $80 per hour. If you have broken into the wealthy clientele, some celebrities pay up to $500 per hour. As time goes by, you might be able to stop doing those $20 quickie readings at the fair, opting for the more profitable in-depth ones paid for by wealthier clients.

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However, there is more than one way to tell the future of your business. You can decide to consult tarot cards and talk to your local psychic, asking whether or not you will turn a profit. Or, you strategize ways to grow your Tarot reading business.

Have it in mind that the best part of having a medium-ship business is that you serve a specific niche. You normally don’t have strong competition. Even in big cities, different spiritualists usually serve different parts of the city, keeping to their own turf.

Yet, the average person isn’t psychic. These people need to know your business exists before they can consider your services. That is the more reason why you have to Leverage traditional marketing.

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10 Tips to Grow Your Business as a Tarot Reader

To grow your business as a tarot reader, you will have to ensure you market yourself to communicate something about your business. You should display a personality for your business that invites people to speak with you, much like you may speak with spirits. Below are few tips to market your tarot reading business.

  1. Make Use of Business cards

Note that business cards have not gone the way of the triceratops. People still use business cards to keep their business very close to their client’s thoughts. To grow your tarot reading business, it is pertinent you get some eye-catching business cards printed and pass them out wherever you can. Tuck a few into tarot books at your favourite bookstore if you really want to go guerrilla.

  1. See Branding When you Look into Your Future

Your job is to use tarot cards to tell things about people, and you use a crystal ball to peer into the future. Without the crystal balls, tarot cards, and the generally mysterious atmosphere, the business wouldn’t attract as many people. And it only makes sense to build off that advantage when designing a marketing strategy.

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A good marketing establishes a company’s identity – and good marketing only comes from the business being true to itself. So embrace your mysterious, enigmatic identity when designing the materials for your marketing. Make your posters have long, stretching shadows and smoke. Draw on some eyes gazing down onto potential clients, or feature mysterious animals like owls or snakes.

  1. Free Teleseminar or Podcast

In this age, teleseminars and podcasts are very popular and a wonderful way to get your work out there. You can teach a class, talk with other tarot luminaries, discuss the latest tarot decks, etc. It gives you the image of an expert in the field and will attract clients to your business.

  1. Local events

It wouldn’t be harmful in anyway if you set up an event at your local bookstore, coffee shop or pub (Get permission first, of course). It wouldn’t do any harm at all, instead it will help grow your tarot reading business. A tarot reading night or an intro class is a sure-fire way to get the locals excited about your work. It will make them eager to engage in your services and get to know their fortunes.

  1. Blogging and Guest Posting

Have it in mind that regular blogging can be an ideal way to grow your street cred – and your SEO. When blogging, it is advisable you put out fresh content at least twice a month. If you can do it weekly, even better! You can also consider guest posting on other blogs to get your work out to new audiences. However, always ensure to seek out venues that are not strictly tarot-oriented. A post on a blog for moms may just give your business a big spike.

  1. Before Consulting the Dead, Consult Your Community

One of the best ways to spread your small business’s name is by being an active participant in your community. Whether you realize or not, everyone is already an active member of the community as a business owner. However, there is something always unique about tarot reading, and this offers you a special position in the community. Just by owning such a business, you are positioned as a spiritual leader who helps people with the difficult questions of life.

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People go your way when they’re grieving, or when they need answers. It’s very necessary you let them know the answers they seek are available with you by joining them outside the office. Open a booth at a local community fair, and you’ll only grow your potential client base as more people meet you.

  1. Offering to Speak at Events

If there are tarot events that you enjoy attending, then you should consider leading a workshop or presentation. Share your ideas with the hosts and you may get invited to hit the stage. This is very good for visibility (and being able to say you’re a speaker at a big event looks great on your site). Also note that by sponsoring community events or even just your local school’s textbooks, you’ll also give your community a unique edge.

  1. Social Media

It will be a taboo to ignore social media in this era where it is the playing field for all businesses. Whether you choose Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or any others, just pick one, do it well, and be consistent. Social media platforms are easy to use and they offer you an enormous range of possible clients. You just have to let them how good and coordinated you are, and then watch your business grow with this new found publicity.

  1. Come up with New Ideas

Note that you can do what you’ve always done – or what everyone else is doing but you will always get the same result.  Shake things up. Do the unexpected. Be bold. Get people talking! For example, create a Tarot Dance Party. Write an e-book about how you used tarot as inspiration for decorating your home. Do a class on how to design the perfect tarot site. Let your creativity soar!

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Have it in mind that the primary secret to any sort of marketing and promotion is consistency. Be visible on a regular basis so people get your name on their minds and lips. Many readers run their business as a sideline.

If you are able to build a client base of wealthy and avid customers, you might be able to operate your business on a full-time basis. Should you have a knack for befriending other readers, it may be possible to expand into a Dial-a-Tarot business with multiple readers fulfilling requested readings over the phone.