What is the best business to start in the security industry? What business can a retired military personnel or public service security officer venture into? What are the best security business ideas and opportunities available today? Well, i advice you read on to find the answers you seek.

Security has to do with the protection of vulnerable assets such as people, dwellings, communities, nations, and organizations. With the rapidly increasing security problems and crime waves all over the world, there is also a corresponding increase in business opportunities in the security industry for smart entrepreneurs to key into.

For instance, just take a look at the security allocation or defense budget of the united states, Nigeria, Russia, North Korea, etc and ask yourself where all these funds go to. Well one way or the other, a good proportion of these funds find their way into the account of smart entrepreneurs and corporations in exchange for products and services. So without wasting your time, below are 23+ security business ideas and opportunities you can invest in today.

Top 23+ Best Business Ideas and Opportunities in the Security Industry

The issue of global terrorism and kidnappings has caused an rise or increase in the demand of private security guards. You can key into this to start a business. Your task here will be to recruit and deploy security guards to firms, neighborhoods and corporations. You can even go a step further by securing a contract to protect lives, properties and installations within a geographical location. You will however need a security license from the government or relevant regulatory bodies.

If you feel starting a security company is too capital intensive for you, then you can just focus on being a recruitment agency or headhunter for security companies, firms and companies. Your duty will be to link able bodied men and women with respective companies in exchange for cash.

This business concept is very straightforward. You can become a security consultant or expert in specific fields or industry. Yes, you can be a security consultant on banking, petroleum, etc. Your business objective will be to provide security advice and help put up safety measures to avoid the loss of live and properties.

  • Become a Security Awareness Coach or Trainer

Another business opportunity in the security industry is to become a security awareness coach or trainer. Your duty here is to offer advice to clients on how to be security conscious both in their homes and workplace. Your task also includes training and teaching people how to react or handle security challenges.

You can also provide training for corporate employees on issues pertaining disputes between employees or between employees and management or on allegations of sexual harassment, racism and abusive behavior within the office environment, as well as create a training program for the employees and the management on how to avoid and also how to react to any potentially unfavorable situation that may arise within the office working environment

Being a private investigator, your duty will be to delve into the secrets of many people’s lives and offer solution to mysteries or unresolved crimes. This business is very lucrative and quite challenging because you will spend far more time on the phone and at your computer than any fictional private eye ever does. All you have to do is underground work and odds are that you will never be involved in high-speed chases or shootouts with bad guys.

Yea, you can start a business as a military contractor or supplier. However, this business requires political clout or connections, credibility and a proven track record. Your core tasks as a military contractor is to supply them equipments and gadgets such as arms, food supplies, uniforms, gasoline, etc. You can also be assigned the construction of facilities, designing and manufacturing of gadgets, monitoring specific issues, etc.

You can also venture into the importation and retailing of arms and ammunition to private citizens, individuals and corporate entities. Well, you must be licensed before you can venture into this business.

Another business idea or opportunity in the security industry is the importation and retailing of self defense weapons. With the increasing wave of domestic violence, self defense gadgets will definitely be a best seller. Example of such pepper spray, mace, baton, etc.

You can also breed guard dogs and supply them to government security agencies and private individuals or companies alike. One advantage of this business is that you can start it from home and without a license. But as you grow bigger, it is important you get registered with the relevant authorities.

  • Start a Guard Dog Security Service

Once again, there are a different approaches that can be taken for starting a guard dog security service. The first approach is to supply guard dogs that has security handlers, the second is to provide guard dogs with no security handlers, or you can offer both services to clients. Both options can be offered to clients. The requirements for starting the business are obvious.

Even you have no money or security license, you can simply arm yourself with a laptop and an internet connection; and launch your own security blog. You can write on security trends, happenings and developments around the world. Your source of income will be from products you sell online, affiliate programs and advertising revenue.

You can also start a TV show that will be focused on security. You can invite security experts and interview them with respect to how best to tackle crime. You can make money from advertising revenue, etc.

You can start creating security awareness and Do-It-Yourself security eBooks, Journals, Videos, etc and sell them either online or offline.

Another business opportunity in the security industry is to start a guard dog training agency. Your duty here is to either teach people how to make their guard dog attack on command or you can conduct the training on the dog yourself.

  • Start a Security Guard Certification Training Center

Many people desire to become bodyguards or security guards but they don’t know where to get the certification, training or the license. You can step in by providing the necessary certification and training in exchange for money.

The opportunity to start a security bodyguard business is now available than ever before because of the growing demand for personal protection by business leaders and other high profile individuals such as journalists, politicians, activists, etc.

If you have been in the military or State Security Service (SSS), the Secret Service, NSA, CIA, FBI, etc; then you have a greater chance of succeeding in this business because of your work experience and track record, that is if you had one.

  • Become a Self Defense Coach or Tutor

If you have knowledge about martial arts and the art of self defence, but you have little or no capital; then you can become a coach and start teaching self defense skills to men, women and kids in their homes and schools.

If you have the capital and the skills as listed above, then you can set up a self defense academy. Instead of visiting homes and schools to teach people how to defend themselves, your clients would in this case come to your academy and enroll in your programs or courses.

You can also choose to enter the security industry as a wholesaler or retailer of security gadgets such as CCTVs, Security Cameras, Doors, lights, alarms, metal detectors, burglar proof safes, motion sensors, etc.

  • Start a Security Installation Business

There are many approaches that can be followed when starting a security installation business. You can choose to focus on either security alarm installation, metal door installations, safe installations, cameras, sensors, etc. As long as it is a security gadget, you can learn how to install it and start a business based on that knowledge.

  • Setup a Cloud or Cyber Security Monitoring Company

You can start an academy or company with the aim of teaching people how to drive defensively in dangerous or emergency situations. Your major clients will be security companies, bodyguards, security personnel, ambulance drivers, private individuals, etc.

  • Start an Online Identity Theft Protection Company

As the trend moves towards living, communicating and doing business online, their is need to protect one’s identity from fraudsters and hackers. You start open an identity theft protection company and make some cool cash.

As technology advances, Carjacking and theft is rapidly on the increase. You can battle this challenge and still make money by selling car tracking devices. You can even go a step further to do the installations and proceed to tracking the vehicles on behalf of the customers.

In conclusion, i want you to know that this list of business ideas in the security or Defense industry is just a tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are so many more opportunities i have not even thought of. The good news about this business is that you are not just making money, you are also giving back to the society by making the world safer and crime free.

Ajaero Tony Martins