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50 Best Business ideas for Couples (Husband and Wife)

Business ideas for Husband and Wife

Are you a young or married couple looking for lucrative ways to earn extra income? If YES, here are 50 best small business ideas for couples to start from home.

Starting a lucrative business as a couple is not without its ups and downs and not many couples can handle it as most times such businesses fail, due to sentimental reasons. This is not however to say that businesses ran by couples are not successful as well.

The key thing that is required in starting a business with your better half is to understand your strengths and weaknesses and use that to complement each other.

If your partner isn’t good with paperwork but isn’t carrying as much weight in the business as you intend them to, look for a task that they would be better off at handling and shed yourself from one or two responsibilities so that resentment doesn’t build up.

Also, it is vital that you both separately carry out a research on the business you want to embark into and then compare notes. This way, your research is without the influence of the other partner. If it looks good on paper, it is likely to succeed but if it doesn’t look good, then rather than waste money it would be best if the idea is dropped.

Listed below is a list of lucrative business ideas that you both can run as a couple. Some of the businesses might make you millionaires and some might not, but they are all worth looking into.

Best Small Business ideas for Husband and Wife to Start from Home

1. Car Wash Business

Starting a car wash business can be fun and lucrative for any serious couple who have entrepreneurial determination and perseverance. If the car wash business is also located in a good place and provides top-notch service, where customers can have their cars washed quickly and efficiently, then having customers come in will be no big deal at all.

This business however requires a huge investment, proper planning, and being detail oriented so as to make profit. As a couple running this business, knowing your strengths and weaknesses will determine the success or failure of your car wash business.

This is because someone must handle the paperwork and typically supervise the workers, while the other must market and promote the business so as to draw in clients.

2. Zoo Business

If you are a couple that loves different animals then owning a zoo might be a good business idea, however, starting a zoo business is a major responsibility as you both will have to care for various animals who will definitely have different needs, also you both will need to carry out proper research so as to know what is required of you both – federally and locally.

As zoo owners you must treat the animals with humane care, provide clean and adequate space for them and also space where they can rest, get regular treatment and medical checks, and sleep without being disturbed by the public.

Before establishing a zoo, you must have a large budget that will cater to buying land, obtaining the animals, paying the various workers that will handle the animals, other zoo workers and veterinary care. Making money from this business will require massively advertising the business and setting of ticket prices for individuals and groups.

3. Sports Bar Business

A sports bar business is a fun business that is lucrative since sports – tennis; football, basketball, soccer, and the rest are a continuous activity. You would need to own several big screens that will show sporting activities and also several physical games for clients that will love to physically play a game.

However, running a sports bar behind the scene can be a grueling experience. You would need to spend long hours, be detail oriented, and must be seen to mingle amongst customers to ensure that everything runs according to scale. Paperwork is also very important, and one half of the couple can handle this for the success of the bar.

4. Bed and Breakfast

If you live in a historic home that is large, in a ranch, or generally a huge place that can accommodate from 2 to 20 guests, then you are good to start a bed and breakfast business. A bed and breakfast requires giving part of your home out for lodging to guests or tourists for a short or long duration in exchange for payment.

Most people who use a bed and breakfast can’t afford the rates of a standard hotel or motel or want to experience the rustic charm that a bed and breakfast business brings.

As owners, you would need to constantly interact with your guests and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Making profit from your bed and breakfast business will depend on the number of rooms being used, number of guests, and the nature of your local community and how you can creatively promote the business.

5. Beads Business

According to statistics, the craft business has grown into a $27 billion industry. This is good news for anyone who is into handicraft business. Also, due to that fact that a bead business is a part of the fashion industry, it is something that can never go out of style especially as everyone owns a bead item of some sorts.

This might seem like a business solely for one person but if you are into handicrafts, you will know how exhausting making beads, handling paperwork and promoting the business can be. This therefore means that one half of the couple can handle paperwork and promotion, the other makes the beads, and they both handle marketing and sales.

6. Cattle Farm Business

There are various reasons why a couple might want to start a cattle farm business. It might be raising large herds to sell, or raising them to sell their milk. Some also raise cattle to show in fairs and other local events and others for personal use.

Whatever reason you both might decide on, raising cattle is no mean feat. Ensure you both come up with a business plan that will outline the challenges that might be encountered in the business. It is vital that one of you has an experience in raising cattle as this will make your cattle business overcome certain bumps.

Know how much will be needed to invest and how to stretch your initial capital for at least five years. Starting a cattle farm means getting one or two hands to help out; also everyone involved must handle physical work. The wife can milk the cows and handle paperwork, while the husband and his helps can handle the rest of the work.

7. Restaurant Business

The restaurant business has become popular due to the fact that more and more people have become busy and yet want to be able to eat nutritious food without having to cook the meals themselves or wash up after eating.

However, before starting this business you need to be aware of the fact that no matter how fantastic your restaurant is, it won’t appeal to everyone, which is why it is necessary to carry out a thorough research before starting the business by writing a business plan.

Your business plan will help identify what demography should be targeted. Also, the better half of the couple who knows and can even prepare dishes will be in charge of the kitchen, while the other half handles paperwork and mingling with customers to know what their preferences are.

8. Music School

The music school is like any other business that requires determination and hard work. This means that before you both decide to start a music school, you both would need to be clear on the goal of the school. One of you must at least be a specialist in one instrument or several. This will determine how the classes will be scheduled and the rates for each student.

Before you both decide on a location for your business, decide on the age groups. If the age groups are manageable, you might want to run the business from your home at first. If only one of you is musically inclined, you might need to hire more music teachers to help, while the other handles paperwork and promotion.

9. Leather Furniture Business

The leather industry is a huge one with consumer demand for new design and innovative fashionable leather products growing constantly. The leather industry has different segments, such as, tanning & finishing, furniture, footwear & footwear components, leather garments etc.

The leather business is often capital intensive especially if you are seeking to use genuine leather for your business. The leather furniture business is one of the most profitable leather business ideas with increasing demands and a huge profit margin.

10. Travel Service

A travel service meets the need of the average citizens and corporate clients who like to travel. The travel industry is a huge one and according to the Travel Industry Association of America (TIA), the travel and tourism industry generates $1.3 trillion for the U.S economy annually. This shows how much opportunity abounds for you both if you decide to open a travel service.

As a travel service, you not only engineer tickets for all modes of travel (air, rail, water, and any other modes); you also suggest exotic destinations to your clients, and might also help in planning events for clients in exotic locations. You both would need to decide on a niche that would generate more profit for the business which would mean carrying out a research.

11. Handicraft Business

The handicraft sector is experiencing a significant growth especially as most people now love the idea of owning customized items that are attractive and affordable. Handicrafts are also patronised by tourists who feel that these handicrafts are better souvenir gift items than store bought items. This is why starting a handicraft business as a couple is such an excellent idea.

Once your partners has crafts that family members, friends, and neighbours are always wowing over, then it’s time you both think of the next step of turning your hobby into a business. You both have to decide on whether to use your homes or to rent a photo studio, whatever decision is taken should be dependent on your overall budget.

12. Feed Mill Business

Not everyone can go into the business of livestock or poultry animals; there are some that are needed to provide a service such as the feed mill business. Poultry animals need to be fed well and their feeding needs the right mix components so that they do not look malnourished to buyers.

Not all poultry farmers have the patience to mix the food necessary for the animals. This is where your feed mill business comes in. Before starting this business, you both would need to know what the requirements for this business are as you might need to get a license for regulatory agencies. Also, check what other permits are required in your local municipality.

13. Fashion Design Business

If you both love being in the fashion world and have either seen your name or that of the both of you on a clothing, knowing that your ideas are likely to improve the fashion industry, then it is time you considered starting this business. The fashion industry might look glamorous but it is not an easy business to go into.

In starting this business, you would need to build your portfolio; you could have your partner model in some of your designs. This frees you up from paying for models. While at it, create a label before you both hold a fashion show.

 14. Courier Service

Starting this business is easy as long as you have reliable transport and cell phones. Reliable transports will be needed for you to pick up and deliver each package on time, and a cell phone is so customers can keep in touch with you and vice versa.

The reason why you can go into this business as a couple is because it affords your business the opportunity to be able to deliver to different routes simultaneously, thereby bringing more revenue into the business. Most times this business usually starts with few clients, which means the other partner can stay back handling paperwork.

 15. Direct-sale Jewellery Business

Running this kind of business allows you both to sell different kind of jewelleries. There is no experience needed to run this business and if you both are determined entrepreneurs with a focus, you can turn this business into a profit making one in no time.

You both would need to decide on the jewelleries that are to be sold. While you might need a store to be able to display the jewelleries, you would also need a website that will help you project your jewellery business more than the store can. One of you can be in charge of paperwork and promotion, while the other handles the customers directly.

16. Pizza Restaurant

A pizza restaurant is only as good as the pizza it sells. Most famous pizza restaurants are a result of the successful tinkering of recipes by owners. If one of you have a knack of tinkering in the kitchen to make your own pizza that others rave about, then it is high time you consider going into the business.

In starting this business, you both have to decide on whether to buy a franchise or to run your pizza restaurant independently. Your decision on this will have an effect on how your kitchen will be designed as well as how your restaurant will be promoted.

17. Distillery Business

If there have been thoughts of owning a craft distillery, then this might be the right time as small batches of distillers have started in the few past years. In starting the gin business, you would need to be determined entrepreneurs who have loads of patience and the energy to work all days of the week and carry out loads of research on the business.

18. Recycling Business

The recycling business is an easy one to start and one does not need to start big to make an impact. The recycling business is also one that allows you to make money while also helping the environment. It is a business that has serious competitors and would require you to carry out your research properly before venturing in.

While most recycling businesses focus on glass and paper, if you intend to stand out, you will need to focus on materials that most businesses are not willing to go into.

 19. Assisted Living Business

If you both love helping those that need assistance with their daily living, then while the assisted living business might be challenging, your passion can help you both stand out in the business. Assisted living facilities are an option for families that seek quality care for their loved ones, and they usually provide assistance to individuals by administering medications, preparing meals and assisting with physical exercise.

Before starting this business, you would need a specialised license and must both attend a required orientation by the regulatory agency in your state. You also must obtain an operator’s license from your state.

 20. Magazine Business

The magazine business is one that is an incredibly lucrative one. Average profit usually ranges from between 10 and 30%. Starting a magazine business might be cheap but it is a challenging business as most magazines fail in the first year of publication.

To run this business successfully would require intense research. Also, you both would need to determine the niche that you intend to run the magazine.

 21. Herbs Farm

Herbs are everywhere these days from small shops to large discount houses, all stores seem to stock herbs and herb related products. If you both love gardening, have a piece of land that can be used and would want to go into a niche apart from produce, then starting a herbs farm might just be the next business for you.

You both can decide what kind of herbal products to grow, and the different farming techniques to use. In getting customers, you can aim for wholesale distributors so that they act like the middlemen to chain grocery stores and restaurants, and health product manufacturers or you can decide to do business with them directly.

 22. Art Business

If one of you is an artist who is either into graphic art or painting and you intend to start your own art business, then you might need your partner to help with the basic business necessities such as meeting regulations and ensuring that responsibilities are fulfilled.

Your partner can help in writing a business plan while you both decide on a Business Name, and also get other essentials needed to start the business. A good location is vital if you intend to open a gallery, for while you can operate your art business at home, you would need to showcase your paintings once in a while in a gallery.

 23. Café Restaurant

Running a café restaurant is not such an easy venture as café businesses might be fun to run but fail within a year of operation. However, every business is intended to bring profit and so this would mean that your business is run in such a way as to set you apart from your competition, while also using the internet to promote and advertise the business.

While one of the couple supervises the front operation, the other could handle the paperwork that would ensure that the café’s bottom line remains healthy.

 24. Child Care Services

If you both love having children around and won’t mind looking after them for working parents then this is a business opportunity for the both of you to make money from your passion.

Child care services can be operated at home or in large commercial centers depending on how much your initial investment is. Once the business grows, you both can employ more hands to help out, which would free up the both of you to focus on other aspects of the business.

 25. Organic Hair Care Products

If you have constantly mixed different homemade products for your hair and that of your partner that has yielded good results, then it is probably time for you both to decide how to turn your passion into a business. You both can start a business that specializes in developing and producing natural hair care products such as conditioners and shampoos, as there are millions of people who prefer organic products to anything else.

This business would require a lot of in-depth research from you on how to safely make the products, and how you both intend to market the product.

 26. Management Training Company

Although there are no certifications or special licenses required to start a management training company, however industry certifications from either one of you can boost the credibility of your business greatly.

The tasks can be divided up so that the one with presentation skills must be the one to seek certifications and constantly seek to improve, while the other partner can be in charge of presentation materials and props so as to make for a memorable experience for participants.

Also, you both would need to actively market the services of your management training company by making a list of companies in your area and calling or visiting the company to pitch your services to them.

 27. Talent Booking Agency

Starting this kind of business might vary depending on the state you intend to operate from. If you both enjoy the entertainment industry, then you might consider starting a talent booking agency where you can secure work for models, artists, entertainers and celebrities for a negotiated fee.

One of you would need to have a vast knowledge of entertainment contracts and interpersonal skills. You both would also need to spend long hours on the phone and computer. This business can be operated from home till you have more artists and celebrities under your agency.

 28. Juice and Smoothie Bar Business

People are now more conscious of what they eat and drink, which is why opening this business is such a good idea for a couple. The first thing you would need to do in starting this business is to get a good location. Also, you might need to promote your business to health clubs and fitness centers.

Promoting the business online is another way to gain more customers as this can ensure the delivery of smoothies and juice to customers in a place convenient for them. However, a food and business license is necessary for this business.

 29. Drug Rehab

As a couple, if you both are passionate about getting people free of drugs, and then you both can start a drug rehab center.

There are different kinds of drug rehab centers and you both would need to pick which fits your intentions. However, you would need to gather information from your state’s municipality and also make sure you get qualified staff that will help in running the center.

 30. Grocery Store

Starting a grocery store does not require any experience in retail all that is required is that grocery is available every time to consumers. You both would need to study your competitors and know their strengths and weaknesses. You would also need a business plan that will help you both in running the business.

 31. Farm Business

Starting a farm is not an easy venture as it involves many variables such as where to farm, what to farm, how to farm and how big the farm should be. Before you both decide on starting the farm, it would be ideal to draft up a plan that will include the intended cost estimate for the farm.

If you both own a land, you will have to worry about getting equipment and giving your farm the necessary facelifts before you can start the business.

Once all that is sorted out including what you both intend to farm, you both must familiarize yourself with the climate and get some soil samples to test on the viability of the soil being good for your crops. Start small and slow and get to know the business so you both don’t run bankrupt. Your produce can be sold at the farmers market or to grocery stores.

 32. Custom Design Furniture Business

If your partner is good in furniture design and manufacturing and can design eye-catching designs that would meet with customers needs, then this is a business that you both can run. You can take up promoting and advertising the business to prospective clients both offline and online. This would require getting a portfolio of his/her works, collating them and showing them off to prospective clients.

 33. Music Management

A music management company promotes a label or an artiste music through albums, conducting tours, getting endorsements, and so many others. The management companies always earn a percentage of the artiste’s proceeds, and must be business savvy with an eye for marketing.

Starting a music management company means you have to be on top of happenings in the music industry. Couples often run this business, with the savvier one being the front of the company and the other handling paperwork and back support.

 34. Marital Counseling

It takes a lot for anyone to become a marriage counselor, as it usually means that a marriage counselor has several experiences and will offer the right advice to help rocky marriages. If you both are filled with compassion at helping troubled marriages and young couples, then this is a good business to start off.

However, you both would need to be licensed professionals and be trained in several forms of counseling. You can both split clients, that way you both are not overworked.

 35. Day Spa

More Americans are getting interested in spa treatments especially with the rise of holistic remedies, and organic produce being popular health beauty products used by most spas. Everyone is eager for anything that would make them look younger and feel better.

This is why starting the day spa business is such a good idea, as it gives you both the freedom to have your family time in the evening.

While day spas offer same services like other spas and resorts, they do not require the same time commitment. However, you both would need to decide on what kind of day spa you want to run. You both would need to hire capable hands to help run the business.

 36. Flight School

Many people suddenly want to learn how to fly for different reasons, status, personal reasons, or professional reasons. Regardless of the reason why anyone might want to fly, they would first need to attend a flight school as part of their learning process, which is where your flight school business comes in.

Flight schools are in two categories part 61 and part 141. You would need to consider what will benefit your school more. Also, before you start a flight school, you would need to be accredited and meet up with all regulations. Paperwork and promotion can be done by the other couple.

 37. Food Bank

A food bank is a non-profit organization that handles perishable and non-perishable food donations and ensures they are distributed to individuals who are in need of food. This is the perfect business to run for a couple who want to make a difference in the lives of hungry people around them.

You both would need to find a place where the food can be stored and then contact organizations and individuals who are willing to donate food to those in need. There is also the need to collaborate with other food banks in the area before setting up a schedule to when individuals can come to get food from you.

 38. Campground Business

Every year, millions of Americans look forward to either going off to campsites or sending their kids to one during the summer.

This makes this business such a lucrative one to start for any determined entrepreneurs. Your budget will decide what kind of campground you want to start, as you can either start a simple campground with just tents or a full scale campground with cabins and RV hookups.

This, just like any business will require you both to write out a business plan after carrying out a research, and also get good investment, while actively promoting the business.

 39. Shoe Brand

According to the American Apparel and Footwear Association, the biggest shoe sales were women’s non-rubber footwear.

This is where as entrepreneurs you capitalize on the growth of the industry. You both would need to realize that even though shoes are a basic necessity, not all are. The kind of shoes you both decide to go into might fall into the necessity state or out of it.

Carry out a thorough market research so as to identify the kinds of customers that the business intends to target. While it might not be necessary for any of you to know how to manufacture shoes, promotion and advertisement are an utmost necessity.

 40. Fitness Business

A fitness business is a business that focuses on the provision of personal training, fitness instruction, as well as the provision of the facility to those who intend to pursue their own fitness goals. It is not necessary that either of you is a fitness guru before starting this business, all that is necessary is that you both are determined entrepreneurs out to make profit.

However, as with any other business, research is absolutely necessary so that you could identify the niche that your business is most likely to make an impact in.

 41. Clothing Line

A clothing line business might seem glamorous but is not all that easy to run, if you both decide that this is the best business for you, you will need to learn the nitty gritty of how to run a business successfully, market the products as well as keep customers happy.

This does not mean that any of you must be a fashion designer as you can both team up with a fashion designer to help design what you want. Also, you would need to decide on how much to invest and what niche you intend going into.

 42. Dance School

Dance schools that had once faded into obscurity are again gaining prominence with the aid of dance TV programmes that have become popular.

Most people now know the benefit of dancing as it is known to help people keep fit. If you both love dancing or one of your partners is passionate about dancing, then this is the perfect opportunity for you both to start a dance school.

While one mingles with the students and teach them how to dance, the other can handle paperwork and promoting the business. The kind of dancing school you intend to start should be one that focuses on your kind of dance before expanding to accommodate other dances later.

 43. Funeral Home

Even though this might not be a business that most people would consider going into especially couples, it is a business that can be lucrative all the same. However, apart from the money, other important factors for the success of this business include location, equipment and supplies.

A large enough location will cater conveniently for visitations, funerals as well as office space. The equipment to be used in this business are necessary as well as you would need an embalming table, a refrigerated storage and hydraulic lifts.

Your spouse might help with getting word out about the services of the funeral home through newspaper ads, as well as advertising on radio.

 44. Co-authoring a Book

There might be instances where your spouse seeks to write out his or her experiences in a book, and so might decide to share the writing load with you. The book might be one that dwells on a subject that you both can decide to. However, writing a book doesn’t end there, as you would need to get the book published and promoted before you both can earn from the book.

 45. Monogramming Service

Companies no longer hand out promotional gifts unless it is covered with the company’s monogram. This is a niche business that you both can go into. Monogramming is not just limited to companies alone as even newly wedded couples as well as those sending the gifts require the gifts and thank you napkins monogrammed and so this can be a lucrative business for you both.

 46. Baking Business

Whichever half enjoys baking must realize that it is time to turn the fulfilling passion into a significant money making venture by starting a baking business.

However, while you might be eager to start selling your baked products, you both would need to carry out a research on the laws and in your local area, as most usually prohibit the sale of baked goods from a residential kitchen. Determine how you both will make money from the baked goods, through promotion and advertisement.

 47. Organic Farm Business

Starting an organic farm is a healthy practice for those who wish to grow or produce livestock without chemicals or pesticides. However, these farms are somewhat of a minority in the united states. In intending to start this kind of business, you would need to apply for grants which have different eligibility requirements.

 48. Grant Writing Consulting Business

Every year new businesses as well as existing businesses hope to be a part of grants given by corporations, foundations as well as government agencies. However, most of these entrepreneurs usually have no idea on how to navigate the grant application process.

If however, you both have the skills required; this can be a worthy business to go into while earning some financial rewards.

 49. Movie Theater Business

If you both are movie buffs and are looking to own a cinema, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account. You both will need to decide if franchising will be better as against owning a theater.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each route, for while a franchising company would secure the screening right to a movie freeing you from the hassles, as an independent owner you both are in control of the decisions made for your company.

 50. Perfume Business

Starting a perfume business needs a combination of artistry and business acumen, and if either of you possess each quality, then the better for your business.

The artistic spouse might experiment with various scented essential oils and research on suppliers, while the one with the business acumen will need to draft a business plan and research on the viability of the perfume in the market. The above listed business ideas for couples are by no mean exhaustive.

There are several other lucrative businesses couples can run together, all it requires is thorough research before you would begin to reap any benefits. Also, as a couple, you would need to be on the same page so that the project doesn’t derail.