Are you newly married and you are looking for businesses that can keep you close to your spouse together, while providing extra income? Then below are the top ten crazy small business ideas for young couples (husband and wife).

Because of the growing trend for families to have both parents working, it’s just smart for couples to start a business together that they can both nurture to success. Aside agreeing to work together, couples need to determine what type of business to start, since not all businesses are fine for couples to venture into.

So if you are looking for a great business idea that you can start with your spouse, then below are ten profitable business ideas that fit the lifestyle of young couples.

Top 10 Small Business ideas for Young Couples – Husband and Wife

1. Coaching for new couples

The first few years of marriage are very challenging, as both partners get to face many realities pertaining to marriage and life in general. The success of a marriage hinges on how well new couples can handle these challenges.

If you have successfully scaled the hurdles of the early marriage years, it shows your marriage has been successful to date. And this qualifies you to start a business that counsels new couples on how to make their marriage work just like yours.

2. Bed and breakfast

If you are both skilled in domestic house chores and cooking, you may consider opening a bed and breakfast business. The demand for bed and breakfast accommodation is on the increase because they feel more homely and cost cheaper than hotels.

Bear in mind, however, that you must have enough bedrooms to accommodate guests and a large dining space. One of the good sides of this business is that it allows you both to work together while enjoying the comforts of your home.

3. DJ service

Do you both love music? Then why not consider investing in a karaoke system and starting a DJ service? You can manage the equipment while your spouse handles the paperwork. You can buy music together, thereby combining your music tastes. This creates a merged music list that appeals to a wider variety of singers. At home, you can test your equipment together, and you can perform while your partner observes.

4. Home catering service

If both of you are fans of the culinary world, then this idea is for you. Many clients would allow you to cater from your home (although, some would require an inspection of your home kitchen). Before starting a catering business, check your local governing agency to check for information about the requirements for starting the business.

5. Pet sitting service

If you both love pets, then you can convert this passion into money by offering pet sitting services for pet owners who are not comfortable with leaving their pets in boarding kennels and vet offices. You can set your prices in relation to the distance between your home and that of the pet owner. In addition, you can offer pet walking services, too.

6. Childcare service

Are you both lovers of children? Then you can set up a childcare centre. Most mothers are too busy to care for their babies, no thanks to tight job schedules. You will make lots of profit relieving the burden of such mothers. This business idea is great for you especially when the area your house is situated in has many businesses, hospitals, and other establishments that have many employees and keep mothers busy for long hours.

7. Publishing contrasting viewpoints

If you and your spouse are very good writers, you may want to consider writing an opposing viewpoints column for newspapers and magazines. This column would address various issues each week, preferably issues that have to do with young couples and their challenges. You can also work with radio and television stations to air a weekly show that addresses specific topics. Once you are able to enlighten people and educate them, you will attract a large audience and the profits would come.

8. Foods and snacks

If at least one of you is very good in making certain foods and snacks, you can make money from these skills by meeting the needs of hungry mouths. Starting a small foods or snacks processing business requires little capital and there is a huge market to serve, since people take foods and snacks almost every day.

9. E-commerce

Many people now prefer to buy whatever they need over the internet. This is because of the convenience and security that e-commerce offers. You can both set up an e-commerce store that sells products that you make yourself or that you buy retail from manufacturers and wholesale dealers.

10. Online freelancing

If you are both good in tasks such as writing, web design, translation, data entry, graphics design, SEO, etc, you can both set up a mini-agency that handles related projects for clients. A good starting point is to hunt for clients using freelance outsourcing sites like Odesk, Elance, and Guru. You can also get clients offline.

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