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50 Best Digital Marketing Business ideas You Can Start Today

Do you want to make money online but you don’t know what business to start from home? If YES, here are 50 lucrative digital marketing business ideas. The digital marketing industry refers to products or services marketing using digital technologies such as the internet, mobile phones, as well as any other digital medium.

Brands and businesses have incorporated digital marketing into their marketing due to the fact that more people make use of digital devices as opposed to actually visiting official residences physically.

Digital marketing is not only seen as a powerhouse for brands and business but is however is tied to data which helps informs marketers about the interest of the audience, the intent of the consumer as well as the consumer’s device activity.

The data makes it easy for brands to retarget customers based on their buying patterns and with a combination of customer and intent data. Digital marketing is essential to the growth of any company in this age and is taken very seriously.

All businesses regardless of the kind of products or services they offer make use of digital marketing with the mode of marketing constantly evolving.

Best Digital Marketing Business ideas

  1. Website Development

There is no digital advertisement without a website, and so being a website developer is one lucrative idea for you in the digital marketing industry. However there are several requirements before being a website developer can start bringing in money for you.

First off, you need to have basic design skills, as well as basic equipment. As a website developer, you will also need to register your domain name as well as host your own website. Before approaching any client, you would need to have a portfolio of your works so that your clients know that you are capable. Once you can get enough clients to develop a website for, the more revenue you will incur.

2. Mobile App Development

Companies now find mobile apps very useful in helping to tap into new streams of income, especially as most consumers make more use of their smartphones and tablets than desktops or PC. According to a research report from Nielsen, at least 120 million U.S smartphone owners make use of a shopping or retail app once a month.

This means that more businesses will be looking to be amongst those used and so would desire to have a mobile app, making this a lucrative business for you. If you are experienced and can help one or two companies to custom build a mobile app to their satisfaction, you might be setting yourself up for more clients especially as your satisfied clients will refer others to you.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

As a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist, you have to analyze, review, as well as implement changes to websites in such a way that they are optimized for search engines. In other words, as a specialist you should maximize traffic to a site by improving its page rank within search engines.

Your task as an SEO specialist is huge as you must not only be a problem solver and decision maker but also prioritize as well as develop engaging content. Your revenue will be dependent on your success rate.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC) Consultant

The pay-per-click ads are the type of advertisements where the cost of advertising is usually determined by the number of clicks the ad receives. This means that the advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on. As someone who intends to go into this type of business, you would have to research on and craft which keywords will be relevant for the campaign.

Also, a quality landing page that is persuasive and has relevant content has to be created. Creating and managing a PPC can be time consuming for a business, which is why this is a lucrative business for you especially if you are a PPC expert.

5. Email Marketing Specialist

As an email marketing specialist, you are responsible for the creation of email marketing campaigns that is set to promote a product or service. This means you will help your client determine its target audience, devise a campaign as well as launch an email campaign that will generate leads for the business.

Your job is not only limited to sending out emails alone but also to use statistical analysis and reports to create this campaign. Once you have a satisfied client, you can ask them to refer you to their colleagues and friends who might need your services as well.

6. Affiliate Marketing

This is a form of digital advertisement where advertisers usually place campaigns with a large number of publishers, who only get paid once the advertiser receives web traffic. As an affiliate marketer, your task is to promote another company or its product for a commission after a sale has been affected from your promotion.

This might not seem a huge way to earn money but if you promote for many companies, your revenue is likely to be huge than someone who is promoting for just one or two companies.

7. Social Media Management

Social media managers are referred to as the voice of digital and advertising campaigns. A good social media manager can boost the visibility of an organization by creating effective online branding as well as advertising strategies. A social manager generates promotional content as well as manages a company’s social media presence by using various analytical tools.

You must be able to keep up with the latest trends – as you might be handling more than one social media platform – and know what new trend might affect your client positively or negatively. This is a job that pays handsomely and if you know your onions, you are likely to be a millionaire in a few years.

 8. Web Analytics Administrator

A web analytics administrator studies the impact of a website on its users. This means that as an administrator, you would need a web analytics software to analyze concrete data such as how many people visited a site, what kind of visitors they were, what brought them to the site, how long they stayed on the site, what links they clicked on, and when they eventually left the site.

This information is very vital to a company as it will enable them know what areas they are to improve upon, and where they are doing well.

 9. Video Marketing

A video marketer is one who creates a video that can be effectively incorporated by a company or brand in their marketing programs. The video also helps in boosting the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the company, enable them connect with influencers whilst driving a demand for the company’s products or services.

To be a proficient video marketer, you would have to be a marketing professional as this would help you anticipate the client’s need as well as what the users want to see.

 10. Digital Public Relations Specialist

As a digital public relations specialist, you would have to be proficient in combining traditional public relations with the social media. As a digital PR specialist, you can help your client maximize news more by using different media online to do so.

However, not just news can be shared as the social media is a way to connect to a company’s audience online by listening to their feedbacks as well as answering enquiries.

You must be proficient and know how best news or information can be disseminated via the different social platforms – from Pinterest infographic, Slideshare presentations and Facebook post to an article for a local newspaper site.

 11. Retargeting Advertiser

Retargeting advertisements attracts a user into visiting a site by taking the user’s past web history into account. This means that once a user visits a site, a retargeting campaign cookie is attached to the user, which then takes notes of the pages and products the user visits whilst browsing.

Once the user leaves the advertiser’s site to visit other websites, targeted specific adverts similar to what the user searched for will then appear in certain ad spaces. This is a form of digital advertisement that requires focus and proficiency and the ability to keep track of visitors.

 12. Content Marketing

As a content marketer, you will need to create and distribute valuable, relevant content that is consistent and that will attract a specific audience with the aim of generating profitable customer action. As a content marketer, you can use whatever means to deliver content to your audience such as infographics, webpage, podcasts, videos, apps, blogs and books.

A content marketer helps create awareness into solutions for customers who have a need but aren’t aware of solutions. If you are a good content marketer, you could make some good money.

13. Digital Book Author

There are times that you just want to share your experiences to others who want to become digital advertisers but do not know how and haven’t found one who can show them the opportunities and pitfalls. In this instance, as a veteran in the field, you can detail your experiences and publish them either physically or online.

That way, you not only make money from your experiences but also impart knowledge to those seeking it. Before becoming an author, you would need to ensure that what you intend writing is what people would love to know about and are willing to pay for.

 14. Digital Blogging

If you know so much about digital marketing or are also in the process of learning, then you can become a digital market blogger. Being a blogger allows you connect with an audience daily, who will share your digital marketing journeys with you.

You would need to be consistent, stay informed and keep up with the trends so as to impart relevant information to your audience. Once you create a wide reach with your blogs, you can make money off your blogs as companies would want to advertise on it.

 15. Web Content Writing

Most digital advertisement agencies are usually on the lookout for web content writer who can compose content that is strictly for online consumption. This is usually due to the fact that more web users are increasingly using the internet due to advancing technologies.

However, this is usually a field filled with stiff competition, and you might not make much starting out. However, if you are consistent and deliver quality and niche contents, you are likely to make enough money to make you wealthy.

 16. Podcast

The podcast has led to various opportunities for the digital marketing industry. Those who have engaged in producing podcasts have seen the attraction of new clients that podcasting brings. This is probably because people tend to prefer audio content as it is deemed more personal than a text or visual based advertisement.

However, producing a podcast is not an only once affair. It is something that should be consistent and which many companies might simply not have the time for, hence the need to hire someone who can do great episodes of podcasts for a fee. This is a great business opportunity for you, as all you need to do is have as many clients as you can.

 17. Strategic Marketing Analyst

A strategic marketing analyst studies and evaluates market trends. As a strategic marketing analyst, you task is to determine what a company should produce dependent on market trends and how it should sell them. You would need to have good business strategies and tactics. This is a very lucrative business especially if you are experienced and proficient.

One of your primary tasks will be to design surveys in such a way as to identify consumer preferences and prospective markets for intending products. The surveys can be conducted via phone, email and via other means.

 18. Digital Research Analyst

As a digital research analyst, you will need to research on different ways the digital media can be exploited for use in reaching out to consumers. This will help digital marketers make decisions and set priorities that will be to the benefit of the client.

As a digital research analyst, you will need to be detail oriented as well as able to churn out correct researches as the wrong research will lead to disaster. This is a job that will most likely give you lots of money.

 19. Contest Marketing

A contest marketer is a part of social media marketing strategy. However, not all social media consultants can effectively handle all aspects of their tasks, and so they might outsource the parts that are needed to engage customers and keep people interested in the brand. One of such ways is usually through a contest, where prizes or other incentives are offered to customers.

As a contest marketer, your task will be to roll out interesting contests that will keep consumers talking about your client’s brand and telling others about it as well.

 20. Webinar Business

If you know how to design, develop and deliver live internet-based seminars that people can attend while at home or in the office, then this is the business for you. Webinars usually give participants the opportunity to ask questions, chat with other participants as well as download handout materials.

Even though webinars seem like a bulky process, however, you can represent one or two companies of your choice and get paid for producing webinars for them.

 21. Online Marketing Magazine

It is well known that digital text is the futuristic internet media. Also, according to research, most physical magazines would be gone in the next 5 to 10 years, which makes it more imperative to start an online magazine that is specifically for marketing.

The aim of the magazine would be to update on marketing trends in the industry as well as provide tips and advice to digital marketers. Starting out this business will require a lot of research as well as industry knowledge especially if you want your magazine to be the go-to as regards reference or knowledge update.

 22. Influencer Marketing

As an influencer marketer, you are involved in ensuring that your client’s products or services are marketed using appropriate influence to sway the decisions of the buyer. This could be through personal testimonial on the website or the use of a celebrity, bloggers or personality.

Most times these companies might not have the ways of reaching all the kind of influencers they would want or might have no idea on which will be good for them, which is where you come in. You can help companies source for influencers and get paid for doing so.

 23. E-commerce Management

The e-commerce managers might not be as prominent as other kinds of businesses but it is a fun business that is very lucrative. E-commerce managers are usually responsible for the valuable experience the user has during an online purchase.

The e-commerce manager ensures that you come back time and time again to keep purchasing a product. As an e-commerce manager, you would need to be able to adhere to and reinforce the brand standards set by your client while not overlooking sales target.

 24. Games Development

Game developers are those who design and create video games for video consoles, computers, websites and phones. As a game developer, you would be involved in not only the conception but also the execution of the game creation. You would also need to be proficient in programming. Games developers have to work with designers, graphic artists and producers so that the final product can come out.

Most companies sometimes or brands might want to have a game that they want to identify with their corporate image or want to display adverts on certain popular games; whatever the scenario, as a gaming developer as long as you are on top of your game, you are sure to earn enough money.

 25. Graphics Design

Graphic designers are those who usually have computer design skills that can be used in creating advertisements which are either used on offline and online media platforms.  The aim of graphic designers is to plan, design as well as manage the production of visual communication that is intended to convey specific messages.

As a graphics designer, you would need to constantly update your knowledge and skills so that your client will not only get the benefit but your business will benefit as well by having a healthy bottom line.

 26. Digital Event Organizer

As a digital event organizer, your tasks are a bit different from a regular event organizer. In organizing a digital event, you would need to segment your attendees and check those that will increase conversion rates. Your online ads for events would have to target visitors through retargeting campaigns.

One of the key attributes of a digital event organizer is having a quick response time to attendees of the events you are organizing which means that your online content which includes event website, agenda, emails, speaker profiles and networking platforms must be responsive.

 27. Copywriting

This is a very lucrative business, as a copywriter, you get to earn high bucks. A proficient and profitable copy expert is one that writes something compelling right from the title to the body of the sales page in such a way that readers are persuaded to make a snap decision based on what has just been read.

Also, good copywriters not only write to appeal to the readers but so that the copy ranks well for specific search terms that people are looking for in the search engine.

 28. Freelance IT Technician

Digital marketing involves the use of devices and gadgets that are likely to develop fault at any time. As a freelance IT technician, you will help in installing and testing PCs, help fix performance issues, and diagnose hardware-related problems, which is always likely to occur in any business.

Ensure that you send an introductory letter, pitching your services to managers of these businesses and prospective heads.

 29. Digital Billboards

Digital billboards provide high impact and exposure by offering static messages that rotate every few seconds with mostly six to eight advertisers sharing the same location. An individual plant operator is usually in charge and can own several digital billboards places in strategic locations with permission or a settled fee with the landowner.

This is a lucrative business as one strategic spot offers you at least six businesses or brands and at most eight. If you are operating more than one digital billboard, then you are looking to making your millions in a few years.

 30. Digital Advertising Agency

An advertising agency is a business that creates, plans, and handles advertisements and promotion on behalf of its clients. An advertising agency is independent of the brand or client it is promoting. An agency can handle all the aspects of marketing including branding strategies as well as sales promotions for its clients.

If you are starting an advertising agency, you would do well to be grounded in the industry thoroughly and be on top of trends. For you to become known, you would have to send an introductory letter pitching your services to target clients. Once you get a satisfied client, your portfolio will gradually increase and so will your revenue.

 31. Advertisement Production Manager

As an advertisement production manager, you will be responsible for adverts and how they are placed on websites, television and other modes. During an advertising campaign, the advert production manager is usually the intermediary between clients and ad agencies. The other task may include being in charge of how a company or brand promotes itself to the public.

As an advertisement production manager, you might be required to make snappy decisions sometimes and also possess critical thinking as this might be the difference between the success or failure of the promotion of a client’s product or service.

 32. Programming

Programmers usually work on projects as a whole and also on areas that need improvements. Most times programmers work closely with analysts and management so as to fully understand the problem and its expected outcome before translating the requirements into codes.

As a programmer, you will need to be extremely patient as clients might usually change their minds in moments that might not be convenient for you. However, it is a very lucrative business and can earn you good money in no time.

 33. Mobile Marketing Consultancy

This is a form of advertisement where the internet is used as an avenue through which mass communication can be sent to mobile devices which include smart phones, electronic book devices, personal digital assistants (PDA), and portable entertainment players as well as tablet computer devices.

In becoming a mobile marketing consultant, you will need to decide what form of mobile advertisement you wish to specialize in which includes Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multi-media Message Service (MMS), Apps, Location based Mobile Marketing, Mobile Banner Ads, and Broadcast Voice Messages.

 34. Communications Consultancy

As a communication consultant, you are empowered with the task of developing and writing content which might include internet, video, print and email for either internal or external use. As a communications consultant, you would need to generate your own business through adverts and word of mouth referrals.

 35. Google Display Ads Consultancy

A Google ads consultant helps in effectively using Google Adwords to serve online ads that are a form of contextual banner ads used in the Google Display Network which includes Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger and so on. The ads can be in text, image or even video mode.

This would require that you become a pro of some sorts as most marketers usually rely on someone who is an expert in fields such as this. This is a very lucrative business idea for you to make money from.

 36. Communications Analyst

A communications analyst uses skills in communications, problem resolution as well as analysis to manage digital communications networks. A communication analyst ensures that the structure of a network, its hardware and programming protocol is determined.

As a communications analyst, you will gather information from businesses, customers, and marketing strategists so as to use in monitoring performance and also make changes that is based on data size or user quantity requirements.

 37. Parked Domain Business

This is a simple way of making money in digital marketing. If you are interested in this lucrative business, then if you are focused, you will make money in no time. This business ensures that you buy several domain names and instead of just letting the domains lie like that, you monetize them.

Just ensure that the domain names are attractive enough for companies to want to advertise on the space, and that they also relate to the future content of your website.

 38. Web Hosting

The web hosting business might be seasonal but it is still a lucrative business for you if you want to indulge in it. However, it is a market in which you must know about since it is essential. You would need to know which clients will need a shared hosting and which will need their own hosting separately.

As one that will work in the digital advertising industry, you must ensure that whatever package you give your clients will be one that will serve the purpose for that which they seek.

 39. Retail Digital Signage

Retail digital signage is used to improve the customer’s engagement by driving more foot traffic into stores. This is done by placing digital signs outside a store so as to attract customers both potential and existing. When done properly, a retail digital signage influences consumer behavior as well as how they see the business.

The advantage of this digital signage is that it can update on trends thereby costing the store or business less than they should have if using print. You can go into this business by linking with the manufacturer of digital signage and then selling them to store that would need them.

 40. Software Developer

Software developers are those who create computer programs. A software developer also develops the applications that allow people carry out specific tasks either on their system or device. As a software developer, you would need to analyze the needs of your users and then design software that would meet those needs especially in digital advertisements, where the needs of users usually vary.

If you are proficient and a good software developer you will have a large number of clients that you won’t be able to meet up with.

 41. Digital Video Ads

This is a new form of advertising that is referred to as Outstream Video Advertising. This new form of advertising is gradually replacing the traditional way of serving video ads. You can get the interest of clients over this kind of digital video ads especially if they learn how it works, which tilts more in their favor than the traditional video ads.

This kind of business will require you to be savvy and intuitively know what the users might like. This means the video has to be one to hold the attention of the user enough to watch it till the end.

 42. Ad Banner Design

Banner marketing is a type of advertisement rectangular in shape and placed at either the top, below the fold, or on the sides of a website. All banner ads come in varying sizes.

The banner ad is usually referred to as a display ad. As a banner designer, you have to be savvy enough to blend the ads effectively into the provided content. You can create banner ads for as many companies as you like, as long as you are able to keep up with the demands.

43. Interstitials

These are ads that pop up in a separate window whilst a user is waiting for a page to load. Interstitials have varying sizes and can either be full page blockers or smaller ads. However, not all users are usually pleased with interstitials as they usually look for a way to close down the page.

Before deploring this kind of digital advert, ensure that it is one that is likely to catch the user’s attention. Studies have shown that more users click on interstitials than banner ads.

 44. Text Messaging Consultancy

This is usually a form of advertisement that is limited to mobile phones and tablets alone. Advertisements through this form is usually via Short Messaging Service (SMS) where the sender sends a message according to the limit of the character allowed for phone devices or send a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) where other than characters, videos, audios or pictures could be sent as well.

This form of advertisement might be in use for companies who have a limited budget and are trying to explore cheap means of digitally advertising their business. As a consultant, you would need to craft compelling messages for your client so that it would spur clients into patronizing your client’s product or just promote your client’s visibility.

 45. Semantic Advertisement

Semantics advertisement has to do with the study of the meaning behind words and phrases. The audience listening to a semantic advertisement will need to decode the message. As a semantic advertiser, you would need to ensure that your target audience aptly interprets the slogans, images as well as ad copy.

 46. Contextual Advertisement

As a contextual advertiser, you should be able to create ads within the context of the viewer’s content. The adverts are usually on a website where the message is presented to viewers that read informational articles on the said subject. This means that for instance, if a viewer reads on how to keep the house cool during the hot summer, the advertiser’s contextual adverts will place cooling units’ adverts along the margins so as to attract potential customers.

 47. Branding Consultancy

As a branding consultant, you help a company make key strategic decisions regarding their products or services, using your marketing expertise.

As a brand consultant, you are required to provide analysis and solution to help companies help sell their products successfully. Branding consultants influence all phases of marketing, right from the design stage to its advertisement and then distribution.

 48. Search Engine Marketer (SEM)

In Search Engine Marketing (SEM), advertisers pay every time users click on their listings. Those who click are usually directed to the advertiser’s website rather than the advert. This helps businesses to know what users search for.

A search engine marketer promotes websites by increasing their visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). As a search engine marketer, you can use the various tools available such as contextual advertisement, paid placement, or even free search engine optimization techniques so as to drive ad placements.

 49. Online Advertising Consultancy

Online advertising consultants help businesses create and sometime manage internet marketing and advertising campaigns in such a way as to optimize web traffic. As an online advertising consultant, you would have to conduct research, analyze statistics and trends, as well as develop Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

Asides, helping companies find the most appropriate places to advertise and gain prospective customers; you might also need to assist with developing advert campaigns that can either be used online or via other mediums. Your pay will most likely be dependent on your experience and success rate.

50. Paywalls

This is a website feature that usually requires payment from users in order to access additional service or content. Most of those who use paywalls do so, so as to restrict the access of others to content on a website. The paywall is regarded as an important tool that will provide revenue flow to some businesses especially those websites that specialize in news.

Going into this kind of business means you must be good in design, so as to be able to give your clients exactly what they want, as there are soft paywalls that allow users limited viewing free of charge, and hard paywalls that ensures that users cannot gain access to the site without payment.

At the end of the day, without carrying out proper research into the above listed businesses, you might fail before you even start. Carrying out a thorough research is necessary as it helps you identify all the pitfalls and obstacles that your intended business is likely to throw up, and how you can readily overcome them.