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40 Best Cricut Business ideas You Can Start in 2024

A Cricut is a cutting machine that allows you to cut and create beautiful and magnificent crafts with various materials. Although what you can make depends on the model you have, but with a cricut you can draw, emboss and create folding lines to make 3D projects, greeting cards, boxes, etc.

The different businesses you can start with your Cricut machine are really endless! The following ideas are just scratching the surface.

Best Cricut Business ideas

  1. Knitting

The business is to simply create beautiful and unique hand-knitted products, from sweaters to a clothing line for stuffed animals. Note that with a cricut, your opportunities in this business are endless; all you need is a creative spirit, knitting needles, some yarn and you’re in business.

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For the truly savvy entrepreneur, create a website that features knit clothing products for sale, as well as a custom made-to-order service where site visitors could simply fill out an order form for the size and style of knit products they want.

  1. Sportsmen Vests

With a cricut, you can design and make custom-made sportsmen’s vests for hunting, fishing and boating activities. This is a wonderful home based business venture to get rolling, especially for the entrepreneur with sewing skills and experience.

The key to success in this type of specialty clothing manufacturing business is to ensure that the vests serve many functions related to the activity they’ve been created for—as well as ensuring that the materials are of the highest quality.

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Once completed, these products can be sold to national sporting goods retailers on a wholesale basis or the sportsmen’s vest can be sold directly to consumers via mail-order catalogues, recreation trade shows and the internet.

  1. Alteration Service

With a cricut, you can leverage your sewing skills by providing garment and fabric alteration services right from a home work space, and earn a bundle of money in the process. Dry cleaners, fashion retailers, uniform retailers, bridal boutiques, drapery studios and consignment clothing shops all are potential customers for your service.

Note that all businesses that retail or rent clothing of any sort are potential customers for this kind of business. Calmly put on a comfortable pair of shoes and start calling on these businesses in person, offering your alteration services. Offer free pickup and delivery, fast turnaround times, great service and quality workmanship, all at fair prices.

  1. Vehicle Wrap and Graphics Business

If you plan to start your own vehicle wrap and graphics business, then you are getting into a profitable venture. This type of business is completely scalable, meaning it doesn’t require a ton of capital as long as you have the proper training. All it takes to start a vehicle-wrap business is some basic equipment and training, some talent and a steady, solid plan.

  1. Handbag Design and Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing handbags is a terrific business enterprise to start with the help of a cricut. Not only can the business be run on a part-time basis, but there are also almost no operating overheads to bite into monthly profits.

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Note that using creative designs and utilizing uncommon materials for the making of the handbags can be your competitive advantage, and completed products can be wholesaled to fashion retailers or placed on consignment in local retail shops.

In addition, the handbags can also be sold directly to consumers by displaying the products at fashion or craft shows or selling them online.

  1. Customizable Accessory Company

Note that this type of business holds infinite opportunities. People like personalized items, be it pet collars, phone cases, glass frames, picture frames, you name it. This type of business has enormous growth potential, provided that you discover your niche.

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You can start your business by offering customizable phone cases. You can start by offering cases that can have custom inscriptions on them. Later, you can expand your offer by including phone cases with custom 3D graphics.

  1. Marketing Brochures

Just like business presentations, marketing brochures are more than a few words on a page accompanied by a glossy picture, and the importance of effective marketing brochures can’t be overstated in terms of attracting new business. This fact creates a terrific opportunity for an entrepreneur with a sales and marketing background to capitalize on.

  1. Craft Shows

It is actually quite easy to host craft shows, and this business concept is very direct. Simply secure 100 craft vendors per craft show that you host, and charge each vendor $100 for table rental. Holding a winter, spring, summer and fall show will generate total business revenues of $50,000 (5 shows x 100 vendors each show x $100 per table booth = $50,000).

  1. Basket Weaving

You can also start a business that manufactures and sells custom-made baskets. This is an incredible enterprise to start because people from every walk of life are always searching for the perfect piece of functional home decoration.

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Using a wide variety of raw materials and with the help of your circuit machine, you will not only make the baskets but also create a varied and interesting product line. If you don’t know how to basket weave, don’t worry; you can always take a few instructional classes or locate other basket weavers and sell their finished products.

  1. Paper Craft Designs

The cricut machine can also be used to work on other materials. These include paper and types of plastic. This tool therefore is a treasure for persons interested in paper crafts as it can provide ideas and solutions to existing dilemmas.

  1. Detailed Models

Although many businesses have moved to creating models in the digital space as much of the time as they can, at some point, they still have to create a working model. A cricut can be used to produce these models for various businesses.

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Any industry that needs highly detailed models on a short timeline will want to work with a 3D printing company. If you’re interested in cutting and printing 3D models for other businesses, look to museums, architecture firms, interior design agencies, and inventors to get started.

  1. Embroidery Service

Recent technology changes in the multibillion dollar embroidery industry have made it very easy for even a novice to start an embroidery service. Circuts and other embroidery machines can help the operator make more items at a time.

Additionally, these modern machines are computer assisted, meaning that the designs can be created using specialty software and a computer and then automatically transferred to the embroidery machine to complete the stitching of the design. The business can easily be operated from a home-based location.

  1. Sewing Classes

A sewing instruction business is a wonderful business opportunity to earn a great part-time income while operating your own home based business. A sewing instruction business can be started for less than $5,000 and has the potential to easily create an income in the range of $25 to $35 per hour or more.

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Sewing classes can be marketed directly to students via all traditional means of advertising. You can also initiate a joint venture with a local fabric store to hold the classes evenings and weekends or even as a joint venture with a community or recreation centre.

  1. Children’s Designer Clothing

There are several ways to market your finished products; you can visit local children’s boutiques to see if they’d be interested in carrying your line or you can sell the clothing online with your own website and/or on auction sites. Local craft and art fairs may also be a good outlet for your wares. You could even host monthly fashion shows right in your own home.

  1. Promotional Products

Note that billions of dollars are spent annually in North America on promotional items such as T-shirts, pens, hats, and calendars by companies that give these promotional items away to clients. You can secure just a small portion of this very lucrative market effectively, and it can make you rich.

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The key to success in the promotional products marketing industry is not to manufacture and print the promotional items yourself.

  1. Decorative Covers For Phone And Laptops

These are vinyl decal items that have become extremely popular accessories for the two electronic items. These decorative pieces are normally sold with an adhesive backside that sticks very easily to the item. They are very common for personal decorative functions as well as corporate branding They are also given out as souvenirs for marketing purposes.

  1. Digital Printing Service

The printing industry has been revolutionized with the advent of digital technology. No longer are business owners and consumers at the mercy of print shops to create their short-run marketing brochures, event programs and invitations as these types of printed items can now be all printed in full-colour digital format without the expensive print plate making charge.

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A digital printing service can easily be operated from home and the main requirements to get this business rolling will be a good desktop computer, design software, a high quality digital printer capable of 11-inch by 17-inch printing and the ability to use this equipment efficiently.

  1. Native Art

Native peoples of the United States and Canada create some of the most beautiful art available, and these artworks are in high demand, especially in overseas markets. Note that the demand for native art creates a great business opportunity for you if you have a good contact base in foreign countries.

Have it in mind that this business allows also to work as a highly compensated broker by representing native artists locally and using your international contacts to set up distribution channels in foreign countries. The business can also work in reverse. You can set up distribution channels in North America representing artists from foreign countries.

  1. Christmas Ornaments

With a cricut you can start a business that manufactures Christmas ornaments that will provide you with a fabulous part-time seasonal income just when you need it the most.

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Christmas ornaments such as tree decorations and door wreaths are very simple and inexpensive to make, and can be sold in various ways including to retailers on a wholesale basis or directly to consumers at a sales kiosk in a mall or at craft shows. The business is ideally operated from home and the overheads are virtually nonexistent.

  1. Mirror Art Production

Mirror art is simply small pieces of mirror in varying colours and shapes that have been put together to create a picture, landscape or even abstract design.

Sometimes, a trip to your local glass shop will result in the entire mirror you will need for this new venture, and usually at no cost. This is because most glass shops dispose of mirror cut-off pieces that are too small to sell, but these same pieces of mirror are perfectly sized to create mirror art.

  1. Banners

Using a cricut and vinyl materials, you can make large banners for special occasions. These can be marketed for individual use, such as for weddings, parties or family reunions.

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They can also be marketed to commercial clients that want to advertise a sale, real estate, make an office party more festive or decorate a billboard. If you decide to enter the business of manufacturing vinyl banners, it’s a good idea to build a website for your business so that customers can design and order their own signs online.

  1. Vinyl Signs

Be it welcoming invitations, stark warnings of impending danger or shining neon beacons of comfort and relaxation, signs guide our world.

There are many ways to attract eyeballs from a distance, and you can start a business that helps businesses or individuals create signs and instructions. The market for this business is enormous as every business needs signs to pass instruction or direct clients.

  1. Package Design Service

Most manufacturers realize that product packaging can be just as important as the product itself in terms of sales and overall success.

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This is why many manufacturers enlist the services of a professional when it comes time to design or redesign of packaging for their products. This is a terrific opportunity for enterprising entrepreneurs to capitalize by starting a packaging design service.

  1. Doll Making

A doll-making business can be started from home on a part-time basis. You can sell the dolls you make through retail accounts, kiosks, mail order, craft shows and the internet. This is an enterprise that requires very little in the way of start up investment, and the ongoing monthly overhead is also very small.

  1. Online Craft Shows

You can also choose to develop a website that is a virtual craft show or e-crafts mall. The site can be indexed into various craft categories and visitors would simply choose the section they wished to visit.

Crafters would get a listing with a link to a page that would give details about their particular products as well as show photographs of their products. Consumers wishing to purchase a product would simply click on their selection and be linked to the central e-crafts store to enter payment and shipping information.

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Note that revenue would be earned by charging a listing fee to be featured on the site, as well as retaining a percentage of each sale for providing the e-craft store and service, or even from selling you own crafts.

  1. Niche Greeting Cards

If you enjoy picking out and sending just the right card for every occasion, and if you’re a whiz at designing that perfect card yourself from non metal equipment, then niche greetings cards is the business for you. You can help businesses create and maintain a rapport with their clientele by sending customized cards for special occasions.

You can also send cards announcing clients’ special events and even embellish cards with your customers’ signatures and logos. The advantages to this business are that you can start it part time, it’s fun and creative, and it’s a warm, fuzzy, feel-good business.

  1. Wall Murals

Many building and business owners are turning to having wall murals painted on large areas of their buildings (interior and exterior) for promotional and interior decoration purposes, and as a method to deter graffiti. If you have the ability, or can form a group of people with the ability to produce attractive wall murals, then you can make a lot of money operating your own custom wall mural painting service.

  1. Home-based Tailor

Note that retailers of men’s formal and business wear generally don’t have an in-house tailor, and typically alteration work is subcontracted to outside tailors. However, this fact creates a more than ample opportunity for individuals with sewing experience and a cricut to capitalize by starting a tailoring service that operates right from a home based location.

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The fastest way to establish the service is to offer men’s wear retailers your services on a subcontract basis, and you can arrange a certain time of the day to pick up garments to be altered and return the garments the following day.

  1. Craft Supply Store

After making your crafts with your cricut, you can open a craft supply retail store as a platform to sell and market your products. This is the kind of retail business that will require substantial startup investment, but the profit potential can easily justify the investment.

Normally, this type of business venture will be located in a highly visible and easily accessible location within the community.

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Furthermore, be sure to carry a wide variety of craft supplies. The key to successful retailing is to build repeat clientele, and the best way to ensure this happens is to have the store well-stocked with products and supplies that represent all areas of the craft industry.

  1. T-Shirt Business

Making T-shirts is big business, and a cricut is one of the key pieces of equipment needed to start your own T-shirt Company. A combination this machine and a printer are preferable if you plan to make multi-coloured T-shirt designs.

In addition to your vinyl cutter and computer, you’ll also need a heat press. Make a design with your cricut, cut the design with a vinyl cutter, and then use a heat press to permanently apply the design to the front of T-shirts, jackets or jerseys.

  1. Christmas Decorations

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on Christmas decorations worldwide, and taking a portion of this very lucrative market is easy. Note that this new business enterprise is very straightforward and can be started by anyone, as it doesn’t require any special business experience or skills.

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With a cricut, you can design, produce and sell custom one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations. Go for the high end of the market where consumers are willing to pay $25 or more for one Christmas decoration that’ll become a family heirloom. The decorations can be made from almost any type of raw material, in any popular Christmas theme.

  1. Crafts Business

If you’re skilled at a particular craft, you can satisfy others as well as yourself with a cricut machine. The trick is to sell your crafts for enough money to justify your time and materials. Think about where you’ll sell.

Going to art fairs and crafts shows is fun but people who attend these events tend to only buy if your craft is very inexpensive. A good way to solve this problem is by selling your wares to wholesalers or sales representatives who will turn around and market them to retailers.

  1. Design and sell Cut Coasters

Coasters have utilitarian value, but when you make them visually interesting with some high design they’re even more appealing—whether you’re selling them for a profit or using them as a promotional tool for your brand. Consider this option extensively as one of the ideal cricut related projects that will have your prospective clients thirsty and eager for more.

  1. Designer Pillows

With a cricut and your sewing machine, you can start a part-time profit centre by creating custom designed pillows. The pillows can be completed on a made-to-order basis, or you can develop standard designs and themes and sell the pillows on a wholesale basis.

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Make sure you create alliances with interior decorators, as these decorators could become your best customers for custom pillows. Additional income can also be earned by designing and manufacturing custom pillow and cushion covers with elaborate themes.

  1. Interior Design

Interior designers make people’s homes and workplaces more beautiful but also more functional. They do this by selecting and blending colours, fabrics, furniture and lighting, in cooperation with the client. Developing the aesthetic sensibilities and business acumen needed for interior design, however, takes commitment.

Your clients can be residential or commercial property owners. You can specialize in properties like restaurants, hotels or offices, or you can work with all these and residences, too. Instead of completely redoing an entire home, you can do shoestring redesign.

  1. Vinyl Lettering

You can attract customers by offering a variety of fonts and sizes. You can use your vinyl cutter and computer to make individual letters that can be compiled by a customer, or custom-made signs. You’ll need to purchase self-adhesive vinyl on which to print your creations.

  1. Theme Toy Boxes

Making theme toy boxes is a lucrative home based business venture, and best of all the business can be started with less than a $1,000 initial investment.

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Note that the key to successfully produce and sell the toy boxes is to make sure that the designs are original, the material used in the construction of the toy boxes is unique, and the finished product is colourful and depicts an elaborate children’s theme such as horses, cowboys or dinosaurs.

The toy boxes can be sold to retailers on a wholesale basis or directly to consumers via the internet, trade shows, a mall sales kiosk or mail order. As an additional source of revenue and as a marketing tool, also consider making wooden toys and including one wooden toy with each toy box as a surprise bonus gift.

  1. Online Art Supplies

Note that remote or small communities often do not have a store that stocks and sells art supplies, and these are the communities that you will want to target if your intentions are to establish a website that features art supplies for sale. In addition to mainstream art supplies like paint, brushes and canvas, also consider selling more exotic or hard-to-find art supplies. The more varied the selection the better the chances of securing repeat visitors and customers to the site.

  1. Mobile Art Gallery
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Indeed art is a big business, and starting a mobile art gallery can put you on the road to riches. You can make one-in-a-kind products, take a traditional art gallery; place wheels on it and you have this business opportunity in a nutshell. Although it is not that simple, but pretty close and you can make a good income from this venture.

In this enterprise you will also want to work with perhaps a hundred artists or more. This is a volume-based operation. Once you have selected the artists, begin to establish locations where the artworks will be featured. Good locations include doctor office waiting rooms, office lobbies, restaurants, hospitals and all other high-traffic gathering places.

  1. Arts and Crafts Instruction

Knitting, painting, print-making, sculpture, stained glass, pottery, glass-blowing and woodworking are just a few examples of arts and crafts that people are willing to shell out their hard-earned money to learn.

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Days, evenings or weekends, arts and crafts can be taught from a home-based studio, rented commercial space, in partnership with a crafts retailer whose space you use, in conjunction with a community centre or school, or even at a park if weather permits.

Promote your classes through arts and crafts retailers, by running advertisements in the newspaper, networking at business and social functions, posting notices on community bulletin boards, and by exhibiting at arts and crafts shows.