Are you seeking a business opportunity with low capital entry but huge profit potential or return? If YES, then below are ten high yield cash cow business ideas.

Wikipedia defines a cash cow as “a business venture that generates a steady return of profits that far exceed the outlay of cash required to acquire or start it.” From this definition, it goes without saying that having a cash cow is the dream of every entrepreneur.

Of course, we all want profits that far exceed our inputs. We want businesses that will continue to generate profits even when we are inactive. And we want businesses that will fetch huge profits consistently for several years. If you are looking to start your own cash cow, here are 10 great ideas you should consider.

Top 10 High Yield Cash Cow Business ideas & Opportunities

1. Affiliate marketing

This simply involves helping individuals or companies sell their products or services in return for a commission on each purchase by a customer you attract. Affiliate marketing is majorly an Online business, which requires the creation of blogs or niche websites for marketing products and services as an affiliate.

A single affiliate product can continue to fetch huge profits for an affiliate marketer for years. In fact, some internet entrepreneurs make a living from affiliate marketing.

2. Information marketing

This involves the creation of ebook, podcast, or videos that reveal helpful information that people are yearning to get. As an information marketer, you create your products only once, but you can continue to earn profits from them for as long as you wish.

3. Property rental business

From specialized equipment to vehicles, to buildings, individuals and businesses rent property that they cannot afford the cost of purchasing or maintaining. For the property owner, this consistently generates huge profits for as long the asset remains in good working condition. Yet, the little input required is maintenance, which may cost next to nothing and may not be necessary in a long time.

4. Transport business

Because transportation is an everyday necessity, the transport business is always very lucrative anywhere. To get started as a transport business owner, you need to purchase your own vehicles, ships, or aircraft, depending on what means of transportation you choose to invest in. Once your business gets up and running, you will generate profits that far exceed operational and maintenance costs.

5. Investment in stocks and bonds

If you are looking for a way to literally make money during your sleep, then invest in stocks and bonds. Once you have invested your money, you leave the rest to the experts who will work tirelessly to ensure investors get huge returns on their investments (that is if you invested through a hedge fund).

However, you must bear in mind, however, that this option is a double-edged sword; it could at times bring losses instead the expected profits.

6. Mobile application

If you know the stories of Whatsapp and Snapchat, then you’d agree that developing and managing mobile applications is really a cash cow idea. With some creativity and multiple brainstorming and fine-tuning sessions, you too can come up with a brilliant idea for a mobile app. If people find your app very useful and helpful, then you have a money-spinner up your sleeves.

7. Royalties from books, songs, etc.

If you are a writer, singer, or other creative individual, then you can make endless profits from your intellectual property in the form of royalties. The more of these properties you have to your credit, the more profits you will earn in the long run.

8. Stock photography

If you are a guru when it comes to shot taking, then you can make money from your skills by selling stock photography online. Websites and blogs need images to make their content more appealing, and they pay royalties for images they use—if the creator demands that.

9. Consulting

Do you have several years of experience in a particular field? Then you can convert that experience into a cash cow by offering consulting services to those who need to tap from your experience. For example, if you were a serial entrepreneur who has established many successful businesses in the past, you can make huge profits by consulting for small businesses who are trying to establish their brands and grow.

10. Agriculture

Whether it’s the cultivation of crops or rearing of animals, agriculture is a cash cow business. The costs of maintaining a farm or feeding animals is very meager when compared with the huge profits that you can generate from time to time. If you would love to venture into agriculture, consider focusing on what sells well in your location. For example, if the demand for eggs and poultry meat in your area is huge, then you should consider starting a poultry farm.